Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Hurry babe! Grab the camera..."

"I think this is a kodak moment!"

I guess my picture obsession is rubbing off on him! I was inside working on a course, just listening to Matt and Kaden talk to each other. I sometimes tease Matt that he explains things WAY, WAY too much for my attention span. I think it's a good thing though....he is so creative in the stories he tells, his explanations about how things work, and whatever else his mind thinks up. Kaden will listen forever....much longer than he will listen to me!

I love this enclosed porch! We spend a lot of time out here. Kaden has completely invaded it with his cars, balls, animals, trucks, trains, you name it. He is running in and out all day long. I love it when I am inside and I hear tons of things banging around and my little boy laughing, babbling, squealing and running around with no particular direction. He loves to be out here, and Matt does an awesome job keeping him occupied when I am busy. They read, play, and just hang out. I love it.


Jodi Jean said...

isn't the best site ever a father and his son? i love watching rob and aidan play with each other and make each other laugh. oh the simple joys of life!!

Grant & Brittany said...

That is so cute. They are so cute together! I can't believe how fast he is growing, he is really turning into the typical little boy with all his trucks, trains, cars...and balls. hahhaha I love it!