Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He's a good daddy

Father's day was good. We had wonderful church meetings (I had to speak...I swear those people are going to get very sick of me soon...). Not that my speaking made the meetings good...but I digress. We came home and took the usual Sunday nap. What is Sunday without a nap? We enjoyed a delicious meal of Salmon over pesto linguine, roasted potatoes, and asparagus. I loved eating outside with the boys. I made Matt a Father's Day cake, which we practically inhaled, with our favorite ice cream. It was a fabulous relaxing day.

Matt's a good daddy. No one is perfect, but he is pretty darn close in the daddy department. He is so patient and loving toward Kaden. He tries his best and the boy loves him so much. Their love for each other is so pure and innocent. They are friends. Kaden respects his daddy, and mimics him. I love to watch the two interact. Matt's a good daddy.

After dinner Kaden wandered down by the deck and played in the dirt. He was so happy down there burrying his blanky. That thing goes everywhere...through the weeds, down the street, to the dinner table, and everywhere else. I wash it multiple times a week, but you would never know it. Kaden is such a smiley boy. He is happy through-and-through. He has that kind, innocent love about him that his daddy has. I am so happy with that. Matt's a good daddy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sad News

Our hearts have been heavy the past few days. Early on Saturday, June 20th, Matt's aunt and uncle, Kathy and Kent Wood, were involved in a very serious car accident. Kent remains in the hospital recuperating from serious injury. Sadly, he lost his dear wife Kathy in the accident. We cannot begin to comprehend the overwhelming sadness and emotion that must be felt by their children and other family members.

It is impossible to understand why things like this happen, how fragile life is, and how one instant can permanently alter life. I can only be indescribably grateful for our faith, and the knowledge we have of eternal families. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with this beautiful family at this impossibly difficult time.

Please visit for updates and more information.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Matt's Day

I decided at the one-year anniversary of our accident that I would try to make it a good day, a day to celebrate miracles and my man. Today marks 4 years. Wow, so much has happened in four years. It is hard to believe what we've been through, the ups and downs, the things we've seen and experienced, and what we've gained from all of it. My heart seems to get heavy in June and it must be on a subconscious level. It's been a bit tough lately, but I can still find so much good in our lives.

So, today we celebrated Matt. It was his day. I have been looking forward to our time all week and spent the day excited. I played with Kaden while Matt was at work, and my parents gladly took him for the night. I picked Matt up this evening and we headed downtown for a nice dinner. It was such a relaxing time and so much fun to be together, just us.
Downtown Durango has such a fun feel to it. It was really fun to walk around and window-shop a little. It was fun to hold hands, laugh, and enjoy a summer evening.

Of course we had to go grab some ice cream before our movie. The movie was hilarious, the dinner delicious, but most of all, the company was the best part. I reminisced all day about Matt and I, our memories, the path we've been traveling, and where our future might be heading. I am still humbled by our circumstances and still stand in awe at the miracles we've witnessed. Matt is my miracle man, and today I celebrate him and his life.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

These girls make me happy

No matter how I am feeling, these lovely ladies always make me happy. They are my best friends. We talk about everything and laugh until we cry.
Sisters and friends are put on earth for a reason. I would live in the fetal position without them. The other day I was having a really bad, feel-sorry-for-myself kind of day and Michaela called. We talked for over an hour and were in hysterics the whole time. We laughed about ridiculous things, made fun of ourselves, and I hung up the phone feeling completely refreshed. I wish she lived closer.

My cute little sister.
Three girls cuddled up on the Papasan.

This picture just makes me laugh. I don't know what we are doing, or who we are trying to fool.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time doesn't stand still...

He's going to be 2 1/2 on Saturday. I can't believe it. I just cut his hair--he was starting to look like a lost boy--and I swear it made him look 2 years older. I love the funny things that come out of his mouth and the silly things he does. I love his squinty, smiley, happy eyes. I love his big grin that is plastered on his chubby mug. He climbs all over everything and seems to undo everything I do, which sometimes drives me nuts. The house never seems to be as clean or put together as it once was. Kaden never seems as small as he once was. I would rather have a somewhat-messy house. What a blessing this little man is.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Sometimes I stress. Sometimes I can't help but let fear and worry creep in and squelch my faith. Sometimes I am anxious. Sometimes I even throw my very own pity-party. I'm the only one invited so I try to keep it a secret. Sometimes I am frustrated and overwhelmed. Sometimes, I am lost.

I wonder if I am doing enough. I wonder if I am doing my part to make life good for those around me...especially my family. Am I a good mom? Am I a good wife? I want to work hard and provide what we need, and even some extra special things we want. I want to quit working and stay home and play with my rambunctious redhead all day long. I want to have endless energy so I can accomplish all of the things that right now I just dream about. I look at the faces of my two favorite boys and I just want to give them the world.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and my mind won't quit. Why is it, that in the wee hours of the morning, problems seem exponentially bigger? An ant hill becomes a monstrous peak. Then the sun comes out and I wonder what all the fuss was about.

I have learned that I am not any different than any other person. I have learned that sometimes, most times, the best thing is to just have gratitude. It can be hard. I know that sometimes I try to think of things I am grateful for, and end up coming up short and starting to worry again. That's where faith has to step in and overpower the fear. They are both pretty tough though and can put up quite a fight. Sometimes, fear wins. Most times, faith wins and I am gently reminded that all is well.

My father in Heaven wants me to succeed. He wants those handsome boys to have the world even more than I do. I still wonder why I was trusted with the situation I am in, because honestly, I downright stink at it sometimes.

I guess what it all boils down to is that sometimes things are rough. Sometimes the end seems much too far away. Sometimes, the only thing to do is let go, and let God. Have faith and be grateful, and trust that things are going to be just fine. Sometimes I forget this, but when I am reminded, and when I look into those cute faces that I love, that is all the reason I need to just push forward and have faith.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandpa B.

Kaden loves his Grandpa. Maybe that's because Dave makes a big deal out of him and Kaden is starving for attention... Whatever the reasons, Kaden follows him around, jumps all over him and his bed, and was asking for "grappa" the whole time we were visiting. Buddies already.