Wednesday, January 26, 2011

everyone should know

Someday, this little blog of mine will be printed into a book. It's going to be a treasure and I sort of imagine it being passed down for a long, long time. What I wouldn't give to have a family treasury of my ancestor's stories and pictures. I would love to know of their personalities, their daily monotonies (I don't think that's even a word), the things that were hard, the things that were special. I know that my blog might bore most people to tears because it's like, "oh I love my we played in the dirt...look at all these pictures that look exactly the same to the untrained (mommy) eye...oh I love my family...." I can't even believe that people even come back to read, and maybe they don't. But, the fact is, I love my blog. Call me narcissistic, but I could spend hours browsing through old posts and pictures. I blog for me. I blog for my kids. I blog for our family. I blog so that in 100 years, my posterity will know about me and my life. Maybe they will care, maybe they won't. The whole point to this and to this silly post, is that the world to come has to know how wonderful my mom is. She is something special, and I will hold to the fact that our relationship is also a special and rare (albeit healthy) thing that I am forever grateful for. I truly do believe that the world is a better place because of her, those who know her are so lucky, and everyone who doesn't know her should--their life would be better for it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We've had a bit of a rough week around here. The boys both got sick and it really knocked them for a loop. Beckham had a high fever and acted miserable for days and ended up with an ear infection. Kaden had a fever and coughed to no end. Things are finally starting to get better. I hate it when they are sick. I feel so bad for them and this time they really seemed so miserable. I know Kaden is really sick when he doesn't even want to play. He was so sad about not feeling well. He kept saying, "Mama, when am I ever going to feel better?" One night he just laid on his bathroom floor by the heater crying that he wanted to feel better. His nose was so runny, chapping his face and he said over and over, "Mama, why do my boogers just keep coming and coming and coming and coming?!" It was so cute. Thankfully, somehow Matt and I seemed to dodge the bug. I did have to miss some work, which tends to be tricky and I feel so torn between my responsibilities and priorities and I hate that feeling. I'm glad that I chose to stay home with the kids. I know when I am sick, I just want my mom.

I got a few cute shots of Becks in the tub last Sunday when we stayed home from church. I gave him a bath and then we just cuddled under my heated blanket. That boy finds his way into my heart like I just can't explain.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i have a new sister

photos via ashley henry photography
John-Isaac and Shaelee got married today in San Diego in the beautiful LDS temple. For a few specific reasons, they went alone. It was hard for me to understand at first, but now I completely respect their decision and am so excited for them to start their lives together. It was a little weird for me not to be at my little brother's wedding. I thought about him at the time of his wedding, while I was standing in line at the Albertson's pharmacy. It was strange, but I felt peaceful and happy inside, thinking of him marrying his best friend. They are so good together and it makes me happy to see how enamored they are with each other. Shaelee is an absolute sweetheart and treats Isaac so well. She loves him and he loves her so much. It is neat to see him want to care for her, serve, and do whatever is in his power to make her happy. They laugh and smile together and know how to communicate. I am excited for them, and thrilled to have a new sister join our family. And doesn't she look like she just belongs with us? My beautiful friend Ashley was there to capture their special day with her amazing photographs. She sent these two and I can't wait to see the rest. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

precious boy

Kaden has been asking me every day at naptime and every night at bedtime if I will lay with him so he won't be lonely. The other day, after our stories we lay down together in the covers. He pulled all of his little animals up with us so they wouldn't have to be lonely either. I traced my fingers over his face and in his hair. I tickled his back. Then he traced my face and said "I love you, Mama" a thousand times. I sang him a little song and thought he had drifted to dreamland. I stopped singing and he picked up where I left off, making up his own song. He sang about Jesus riding the train and meeting Santa and bringing us Christmas. He sang about loving his mommy and daddy and baby brother. He sang himself to sleep and I couldn't help but just lay by him and watch him. He is so perfect.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today I had a big break in my day at work. I seriously contemplated going home to take a nap. I decided against it since I knew I would wake up groggy and not wanting to go back to work. Instead, I put my running shoes on and headed out the door. I went six miles and it was amazing. I loved running in the brisk, cold air. I loved the snow crunching under my feet. I loved being alone, being able to think clearly. It was so beautiful. It reminded my why I should never neglect the things that I love. Running makes me happy and I have let it take the back seat. My run today refreshed me more than a nap could ever dream to. (hah, I'm so punny :)


Becks loves his walker. Loves, loves, loves it. He runs and runs. He's mastered going forward and backward, in circles, around furniture, the three point turn, and even pops up onto the carpet. He gets so excited in there. He runs around and every time he comes close to me he says, "HI!" in a sweet high voice with a big grin on his face. The other day he was running around and discovered a friend hiding in the cupboard. They played peek-a-boo and hide-and-go-seek for the longest time. Beckham would run around, open the cupboard and yell "HI!" and Kaden would squeal and they'd both laugh. They did this over and over; I could have watched all day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Matt and I got to escape for 6 days on a trip to California, just the two of us. We haven't done anything like that for years. It was so good to be able to be with him, to be able to focus on him and give him a little extra attention. Matt thrives on the time we get to be together just us, whether it be a date night, a relaxing evening after the kids are in bed, or a vacation. I love him to pieces, but life gets busy and a lot of times we put our time on the back burner. I forget how much of an impact it has on us as a couple, until we do get that special time and we both feel so refreshed, rejuvenated, and reminded of how much we really enjoy and love each other. I am absolutely sure that this quick little getaway was just what I needed and I think that it was what he needed too. I am grateful that we got the chance to sneak away.

The night we flew in we got to stay with Chlo. She's Dave's mom and I am totally in love with her. She is about the sweetest person in the world. I want to adopt her as my own. She got this sweet trike for Christmas and I was so happy watching her ride it around--especially with Molly in the basket in the back. How cute it that?! Chlo is so hospitable, thoughtful, and has always treated us like her family. She acts like she's known and loved us forever.

We all spent the day in San Fransisco doing the touristy things. We visited the pier, Golden Gate bridge and park, China town, and drove all over the place.

I had fun pushing Matt around. Even though it was a beautiful day, the wind was blowing so pushing him kept me warm. I had fun hanging on as we cruised down ramps, but a few times we got a little crazy and we almost lost control. We were laughing and it reminded me of how Matt and I used to always act silly and play.

We wanted to tour Alcatraz but it was sold out. That place fascinates me and I think it's totally creepy.

China town was fun and I wanted to buy all of the cheap, fresh produce--and that's about all I wanted. The markets were packed and I think we made a few people irritated when we were taking pictures and videos of the employees catching the fish and chopping up all the who-knows-what from who-knows-where. Caleb and I had fun trying to guess which pieces were what organs. I just assume not eat most of that stuff.

I can't possibly imagine why they wouldn't want us hanging out in the store...

The Palace of Fine Art was beautiful. They were remodeling part of it so we couldn't walk through the columns and get a closer look. I would have loved that. It's the kind of place I'd want to go on a warm, sunny day and just sit and read and watch people walk by.

Matt is so handsome, and look at that smile! It's the same big smile he had the day I met him. His smile didn't look like that for quite a while and I'm so happy it's back.
The Golden Gate bridge was especially beautiful because it was such a clear day.

The reason we went to California was to attend Ethan and Nathalie's wedding. Ethan has been a friend of Matt's since they were little. He's a little older and just sort of adopted Matt as his brother. I met him when Matt and I were dating and I've always been impressed with his kindness. He has done more for Matt than almost anyone else, and someday I am going to elaborate on that. I feel like we owe so much to him and I have no idea how to adequately thank him for all he has done for us. I told Ethan, when I found out he was getting married, that we were coming whether we were invited or not. It was truly an honor to be there for their sealing. They seemed truly ecstatic that we came. Matt and I were both so happy to be there, to see Ethan, and to meet sweet and unbelievably beautiful Nathalie. I just had a sense or their love, of her amazing spirit, and the experience in the temple that day was one I won't forget. Their sealer said a few things that touched my heart and spoke to me in a way I can't explain. I was reminded me of what marriage is, the commitment, the sacredness of it.

On New Years Eve Dave and Traci took us out to a Thai restaurant. I have only been to one before and just had an appetizer so this was really my first time. I am hooked and still dreaming of the lemon grass soup. I have to figure out how to make it. I could eat Thai food, mild because I am a total spice-weenie, everyday for the rest of my life. It was amazing. We went to a movie and rang in the New Year like old tired people struggling to stay awake.
I missed the little munchkins but I got to talk to them a few times and I know they were in very good hands. Plus, their mommy and daddy came back happier and nicer. Win-win for everyone.
The only part of the trip that was less than ideal was that I just didn't feel very well. I guess it is in the cards for me to have some sort of cold/flu every year at Christmastime. Other than that, it really was such a good time. I feel like it was what Matt and I needed, but didn't realize we needed. I think married couples, especially when kids come into play, settle into a little bit of a rut. Just going about doing the daily things, playing our roles, and hurriedly kissing each other as we run out the door. Taking a little time to focus on why we love each other is so important and I know we don't do it often enough. Matt comes alive (and so do I) when he feels loved and paid attention to and we both feel so much happier. I am going to work harder at making this happen.