Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game on-

Our cousin Graham came to visit for Thanksgiving. He lives in Arizona right now, and hasn't seen snow in ages. So, when it snowed on Thanksgiving day he was geared up and ready to go play. He wanted to make a snowman, and Michaela and I thought we'd make a competition out of it. Girls against boys. The problem came when we couldn't lift our snowballs even an inch. They wouldn't budge. So, we decided just to make him dead..."DOC" dead on creation. After a LOT of laughs, and trash-talking Michaela and I declared ourselves the winners. You be the judge...

The process...

The finished products--- Oh, and you've GOT to click on these to super-size's all in the details people.





My favorite part was definitely his twig legs and boots.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thoughts on a wonderful man

Today is the funeral of Matt's dear grandpa Dahl. I absolutely LOVE this man. He has such a goodness about him. He is gentle and kind. I have adored him since the first time we met. I loved sitting and talking with him. He literally twinkled; he just had a special sparkle about him. He was such a smart man, a true man of God, and a loving husband, father, and grandpa.

He and Bethe paid for countless reunions and trips so the family could get together and enjoy each other. They truly got joy from the company of family and the shrill noises of little children running around. They have 5 children and many grand and great-grandchildren, but yet when I talked with them, I felt like I was the only one, like I was loved just as everyone else was. They have helped Matt and I out in times when we needed it most and I am forever grateful for that.

Dahl has been struggling with illness in his lungs for quite some time, and this release was a blessing for him. Although it was expected and even hoped for, his passing is still sad for those he left behind. I mourn for the heartache of his wife Bethe, and for his 5 children. I know they are hurting right now and I pray for their peace and comfort.

I am grateful for the belief and knowledge we have that we will all be together again. I wholeheartedly believe in eternity, and know that our families will all rejoice and embrace together again. Until then, Dahl will be greatly missed here on earth.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The worst ever...

That's the kind of mom I felt like I was yesterday. My boy has been sick for over a week, with fevers and coughing like crazy. One night it was so bad I stayed up with him to make sure I didn't need to take him to the ER or something. He was using those accessory muscles to breathe which is never good. He got over that pretty quick, so we decided to wait it out. Usually these things resolve on their own, right?

I have been toting him all over the county as I go to work and try to help my parents out with finishing up our house. He is such an easy-going little guy. Other than being extra snuggly and a little droopy he's been such a good sport and didn't seem to be that sick. I felt bad for him not feeling well, but I have loved snuggling up with him and taking it easy. We stayed home from church Sunday, and it was such a fun morning. (I can see myself in the future letting my kids stay home from school so I have someone to play with, hah).

I had to work yesterday so I loaded him up in the car, mere moment after he had woken up. I could tell he didn't feel good and he was mad at me. To top it all off, he looked down right as I clipped his car seat and I totally pinched his lip. Driving to my mom's house I was wrestling with I cancel my appointments and take care of my child, or do I earn the money we need right now? I hate that feeling. HATE IT. I love my new job, LOVE it, but still find myself torn between too much, too often.

I got Kaden a Dr.'s appointment in the afternoon. So, I drove back up to my parent's house and carted the little man to town. The Dr. got a good listen to his lungs and said, "wow, I really dont' like that sound." She proceeded to inform me that he was developing pneumonia....PNEUMONIA!!!! I felt AWFUL that I had waited so long to get it checked out.

We headed to get the prescription and I proceeded to give him suckers, buy him 2 awesome monster trucks and choo choo pajamas, because that is what moms do when their baby is sick. I will continue to spoil him rotten until he feels better. I might just let him sleep in my bed until we head to Utah next week. Matt is already there, so I need the extra company anyway. Yes, I will let him sleep with me and I will give him everything he wants until he feels better.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Faces

On Thursday Matt and I watched our friend's kids. Susan and Kirk will be our neighbors and they have helped us out in so many ways. We are thrilled to be able to lend a hand when they need something. We had the best time with Michael, Olivia, and Emily. I just wanted a picture with all of us, because I really love these kids, but they thought it would be fun to goof off, dress up, and play with the, we did.

I love, LOVE their funny faces!

Michael looks like his eyes might just fall right out.

This is an awful picture, but Emily let me braid her hair. In fact, I think she loved it. She just kept climbing back into my lap and cried when I left her room. She is such a sweet, SWEET, little girl. I loved cuddling her and talking to her the other night.

By this time we totally had the giggles. I was running back and forth with the timer on the camera and the kiddos were so hyper. Matt and I were laughing so hard. I think we might have even been having a better time than they were.

After our dress-up extravaganza we laid out a blanket and ate dinner in the living room. Susan might never want us to come back after the complete wreck we made of her house. (I didn't even get it cleaned up in time when they got home, tisk tisk!)

Matt and I had such a fabulous time with these kids. Susan, can we come back?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just the two of us

I have been missing my little man lately (well, and my big man too). I started a new job about a month ago. The spa has been nice, but is only seasonal. I found something that I love. Really, I love it. It is bitter sweet though. I have a really hard time finding balance between working, keeping an organized house, online studying, and family time, and all the other stuff calling to me. I feel like something is always getting neglected. I wonder if this is something I can gradually master, or if it is a lost cause and I will always feel this way. Regardless, I would rather be behind in housework (although a messy house comletely makes me crazy) and spend extra time with my loves.

Yesterday I didn't have to work so Kaden and I had a date. First we went to the church where I sewed pajama pants with the ladies. It was a blast; I just LOVE my girlfriends from church. Then we got cheesy breadsticks and headed to the park. I was in Heaven watching Kaden play, and basking in the warm (70 degrees!!!) sun, munching on my oh-s0-delicious cheesesticks. I crave those things; they call to me. Seriously, they are the best I've ever had and I can easily chomp down a whole order BY MYSELF...but I digress.

We had a fun time. Kaden went down the slide a bazillion times, we made tracks in the sand with trucks, I got loads of sand in my face and eyes, and Kaden even made a new friend. I had such a fun day with the little mister. I really, really miss him when we are apart all day. Am I pathetic? I seem to remember someone calling me a "mush-mobile" at one time...whatever that means...

I know I probably bore people with my schmorgaspord of silly posts about my baby. I just cannot say loudly enough, often enough, or emphatically enough, HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM.

Michele sings like an angel

Last week Matt's aunt Michele Baer came to sing at our stake. I had heard her sing before, but her musical fireside presentation was absolutely wonderful. They had a nursery so I didn't have to wrestle with Kaden and could just listen to the music. I could have just bawled my little eyes out if I let myself (I hear all of your gasps of surprise. It's a medical condition; I have overactive tear ducts...). The spirit of that meeting was tangible, warm, and so peaceful. I loved every minute. I am so happy she came this whole way and we got to see her. Her message was truly inpsirational. She is such a humble and gracious person. Beautiful inside and out.

Leave it to my little piglet to smuggle brownies, cookies, candy, cakes.....I lost count of how much he ate. I tried to keep him away, but every time I turned aroud he was grabbing at something else. So, I went to all of the tables and moved the desserts out of his reach. He is a smart little bug; he went behind my back and waved his arm at the yummy stuff, while sticking his lip out and giving little whimpers to the unsuspecting minglers. It was pathetic; they all gave in to him. He is a charmer and if I didn't know any better I would have succumbed to that cute face too.

Please visit Michele here.

The new me

What do you think?!?!?!?! I'm Brave huh?

Well, actually I would never do this. Black hair just doesn't seem to work. This was for my Halloween costume (Betty Rubble). Matt was Barney, Kaden was Bam-Bam, and we had the best get-up going. We had a lot of fun. I forgot the camera so I am still waiting on pictures from friends. By the time I post them it will be Christmas...but that's okay I guess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The virtual outreach program

So....I am back to it. Petitioning for prayers, but come on, can you resist helping out THAT cute face?!?!?!?! That's what I here it goes. This time, we are getting specific. I am too lazy to do a whole post, so here is the email I sent to my moms. They have magical prayers that somehow manifest blessings like nobody's business. on, and PRAY on!

Holy cow mom, I am just so excited about this I had to write you an email RIGHT NOW, even though I know you won't get it until the morning. I have been praying SO HARD that the right and perfect match would come about for Matt's job. I have been thinking so hard and looking through the paper every day, waiting for something to hit me. He didn't get that electronics job at Walmart, and they were thinking he should be a greeter. Or, a bagger at Albertsons. Maybe I am too prideful, but I just keep thinking he can do something more; he is more capable. Although, I would be happy for him to get anything right now and I am sure there is pleanty of time to work up to bigger and better things.
Tonight I had an epiphany, lightning struck my brain! I saw something in the paper about a computer tech needed in Ignacio schools. So, that got me thinking and BOOOOOOMMMM! KABLAMMM!!! POW!!!!! I thought of a brilliant idea. Well, at least it seems brilliant at the moment.
Remember when I was in high school and was helping tutor special needs kids who needed one on one help with reading, math, etc? It was super easy stuff; they mostly just needed help focusing. We read together, did worksheets together, and they just got more attention they needed. Other times I would grade papers, make copies, etc.. What if we went in and talked to the people at Bayfield Elementary school, to see if Matt could be a teacher's aide?!?!? He could totally float the whole school and I am sure at least ONE teacher would need him while he was there. He could be on duty during recess and lunchtime, and just do whatever anyone needed him to do. I am totally getting excited about it just picturing it! Literally, an epiphany. The greatest part, is that ******* is a teacher's aide there, she has more responsibilities, but she could totally talk Matt up and help him learn how to do it, etc. I am thinking this is the best idea.
I also am confident if we went in together and talked to the higher ups....who would that be?....and explained the situation, and that he needed to get paid, even if a little amount (I am sure this could be a volunteer position) they would look into our cute faces and just couldn't resist. Really, in all seriousness, I think seeing us in person would help. I am sure that the little kids that Matt worked with would just LOVE him.
I am wondering too, if you were to write a letter explaining his/our situation and the positive influence he would be to the school, his family, and himself, and if I wrote a letter, Matt wrote a letter, and Traci and Dave wrote a letter, maybe that would be helpful too. The school is only about 2 miles from our new house and I think that the bus swings right by it! Also, I am sure since it is so close, it wouldn't be hard to find someone to help us out if we were in a pickle.
So, what do you think? I just had to write you now cause I was so excited about it. Send your magical prayers up to Heaven!!!!
Obviously I can't take all of the credit for this. I can take little, actually. I know that the thoughts, prayers, and sincere desires of friends, family, and Matt have opened our minds. I know that our Father in Heaven is mindful of Matt, and of our family, and He knows just what we need. He always answers, ALWAYS.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cookie time

I have so many fun memories of growing up. My mom made life so fun for us. One of my fondest memories is baking cookies with her. She would set up two chairs, one for me and one for Michaela, and she'd adorn us with her aprons. They would dangle to our ankles and we felt so grown up. We got to help measure, pour, and we each got a big spoon to help mix and stir. When I knew it was a day to cook with mom I would wait around all day, becoming completely worthless, until it was time. When Mom called us in, we'd run full-speed into the kitchen to make our delicious treats. I so badly wish I had pictures of us in our long aprons helping mom.
Kaden is a little young, but I thought it would be fun to give it a try. Lightning McQueen joined us, of course, and we had our first little date making cookies. We made a complete mess and ate a lot of dough, but I had the best time. I think the process was much more enjoyable than the finished product (which was delicious, I might add). I am excited to re-enact some of my favorite pasttimes with my own little one, and even come up with some new ideas of our own.

The best part was seeing Kaden smile really big and saying, "cookie, cookie" over and over. His little voice and new vocabulary just kill me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm pretty handy

so go ahead and hire me.
I've been drilling holes, hammering in bolts, tightening bolts, measuring, driving screws, you name it. I'm pretty much a pro now.
I have loved working with my dad and mom on this project. We are building the deck ourselves, and it's been a blast. The weather has been beautiful and I just love to spend my days outside.

There is definitely a learning curve to this business. I can't even say how many silly deck screws I stripped. I can screw in a normal one just fine, but these babies, that's a different story. You have to hold the drill just so, perfectly straight with the screw, put just the right amount of weight on it....yeah, that was a little tricky. But, I mastered it and was so proud of myself, when by the second day I hardly stripped any. My mom got the hang of it too. It's okay that we were incompetent for a while; we laughed so hard at our ridiculous mistakes. But, soon enough we went from being Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DUMB to experts. We should go into business. HAH.

Anyway, I am pretty excited about it. It's ginormous and I can just picture us spending our evenings out here, watching the sun set and enjoying our time together. I can also picture myself shoveling a lot of snow. That won't be so bad; our new house is practically in the banana belt compared to where I have grown up and live now. Plus, it adds more definition to my already manly arms. (Carrying a 29 lb toddler will do that to you.)

Watch and learn, just watch and learn. I have learned a bunch, and like I mentioned, have absolutely loved the extra time with my dad. He is a genious. I seriously have no clue how he knows so much about everything. This isn't even the "my dad is better than your dad" thing(which he is), it's actually true. I really think he knows just about everything, about everything.

Not quite ready for the fluffy white stuff...

It snowed last night. It is beautiful, but I'm not ready for the cold, snowy weather just yet. The good thing is that it's been in the 70's, and the snow doesn't usually stick around for long this time of year. I do love winter though. I am excited to build snow forts, snowmen, and go sledding with my boys.

brrrr....that's a little chilly on those little hands.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prayers for the Man

If anyone feels so inclined, I am petitioning for prayers for the handsome man pictured above. We have been participating in a vocational rehab program here in Durgango and we are really trying to get serious about finding Matt a good job. He was quite frustrated this summer as I went to work and earned our income. He has that natural awesome husband/father instinct to provide for his family. He yearns to feel needed, appreciated, and like he is contributing to his family and to others. I have no doubt that he would be an asset and much appreciated to anyone who hired him. There is a bus system that goes from our new house to Durango. It will be so great that he will be able to be independent in his trasportation. While the extra income will be needed and much appreciated, the more important thing is letting Matt get out, be independent, and fullfill his need to be needed, appreciated, respected, and so that he can feel like he is more the awesome husband/father he is.
We are looking for something that is part-time, to start out, something that will challenge him, but is do-able, and a place where he can interact with people, share his personality, be loved, appreciated, and commended for his good work. We want him to feel a part of his place of work. He needs something he can look forward to and enjoy. I am sure we can find this; I'm sure it is out there waiting for him.
I think that the biggest heartache for me in all of this (the past 3 years) is seeing Matt's frustration. I cannot imagine how hard it is to want to accomplish things, remembering old capabilities, and having a body and mind that won't cooperate with those desires. I cannot imagine how trapped he must feel sometimes, most times. I admire his ability to stay upbeat and positive 90% of the time, and his desire to continue to progress, set goals, and be a positive influence in this world. I honestly feel that there isn't a more humble, kind, honest, and loveable person. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to seek for his employment and independence. I cannot begin to express my thanks and love to all of you who have already given so much to us, helped us in numerous ways, and prayed for our well-being. Those prayers are felt, and never go unanswered.