Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"Hmmmm....this shopping thing is getting kinda old....I am hungry."

"These toys are pretty yummy....but I am craving something else...."

"Thanks for the cracker, it was DELICIOUS"....except, I don't think Kaden swallowed any of just all got slobbered all over him. He was loving it though, so happy!

As I've posted before, Kaden is NOT a, Matt works his magic. It's pretty funny I think.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Parents are so wonderful

I love them so much and am so grateful for everything they do for Matt, Kaden, and I. It is great living close to them. They are so supportive and loving. I don't know what I would do without them, I would be lost. They are so special to me.

Love my the outdoors

I went on a fun hike with my friends. Andrea is holding Kaden. She has been my best friend since we were little. I was so happy she came to visit. Alesha is in the middle, with her little guy. She just moved here and it's so great to have a new friend. We go hiking and walking several times a week.

I have the worst farmer tan ever!

So....I am sure that my posts tend to get a little boring...but hey, I guess I just do it for my own entertainment. I am loving summer! It is so beautiful here (in case I have never said that before, hah!). We have been getting outside a lot and it's wonderful for the mind, body and spirit.

Isn't this so pretty?!?!?!

A random lady on the tail took this picture, she had never seen anything like this before and thought it was so cool. She of course thought Kaden was so cute too, she took TONS of pictures of us.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I saw a friend do this on her page, and thought it was a good idea. Kaden turned 6 months old on the 20th of June. He is changing so much! He weighs almost 18lbs! He giggles so much and rolls all over the place. He attempt to sit, but eventually tips over. He lays on the floor or in his bed and just makes funny squeaks and giggles. He is so much fun!

A few hours old

2 days old....still a little puffy

Sleeping boy....2 weeks old

Kaden, 1 month

2 months

3 months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Beautiful Sister

We love to be silly together....
For those of you who don't know her, this is my little sister Michaela. My mom referred to her in the previous post. I love her so much.

2 years ago...

Two years ago Matt and I took a trip with out dear friends Dan and Ashley Henry. We went to Havasupai down in the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing time and I loved every minute.

Getting ready to hike down. It was gorgeous and the most wonderful weekend with our greatest friends, Dan and Ash Henry. (There is a link to their blog to the right)

Here we are in front of Moony Falls. Matt kept creeping to the edges of all the steep stuff freaking everyone out. He thought it was funny. He wasn't scared to hike down the slippery cliff to get to this beatiful spot (the rest of us were a little inhibited!)

That sign says "descend at your own risk" was risky business getting down, but totally worth it.

Today marks the two year anniversary of our car accident. My mom sent this email out this morning, I think it totally sums up everything and how we feel. The part at the end is about my sweet little sister Michaela.

Hello Everyone,

It was two years ago tonight that Jessica and Matt were in their accident. It is not a pleasant day to remember, and a lot of memories and feelings are conjured up, unbidden, on this anniversary date.

We are choosing to look at today to see the blessings, to see the progress, to feel gratitude for the many wonderful experiences that have transpired since, and because of, that accident. Jessica said to me last night "I'm going to look at it as the day Matt lived, not the day something died."

Matt continues to improve. When we see him almost daily, we have to be aware and perceptive of the changes, but when we look and we pay attention, they are always there. His coordination continues to get better, his memory amazes us sometimes. It seems he has more of his long term memory coming back. He can expound on different experiences from his childhood and young adulthood, and it is always a delight to hear him talk about his past. His short term memory is where we really catch glimpses of healing and growth. He still might not remember that he has an appointment, or why they're driving to town, but once he's done those things he can usually recall it and we are often amazed and the things he just pulls out.

He was a computer science major in college. His love and fascination with computers is still intact! There is much he doesn't remember, but we're really thinking about enrolling him in some basic computer science classes, maybe just one at a time, to see if relearning will put those files back in the right drawer in his brain so he can access them.

Jessica's massage business is growing bit by bit, to give her an income but not take all of her time. She is loving motherhood and is the best mom (she has the BEST baby!) She loves her little family and does a good job as caretaker.

They were recently in California with Matt's whole family to attend the wedding of Matt's younger sister, Kara. That was fun for them.

Dan and Ashley Henry, the other couple involved in the accident, are doing quite well. Ashley is doing quite well...some repurcussions from her injuries, but is off all medication and is hiking, etc. They are living in San Francisco now, and are expecting a baby boy in August. We are very happy for them!

On another note, I am currently in Rexburg, Idaho. Michaela was hospitalized on Sunday night with "siezure-like activity." I drove up here on Monday. This is similar to some problems she had last fall, which required her to withdraw from school and come home for 6 was determined she was having physiological stress reactions. They have done a lot of tests on her here, and thankfully nothing neurological is showing up. We continue to explore what's going on. We're hoping she can finish this summer session (about another month) and come home for the month of August, and then we'll see. Of course we are very concerned about her, and wondering about these idiopathic symptoms that rather debilitate her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I'm not sure how long I'll be here. She got out of the hospital yesterday, and I'll see how she gets around today, etc. before I make any departure decisions.

Hope this finds all of you well. As always, I thank you all for your wonderful caring and support and thoughtfulness so graciously expressed and shown these past two years.


Monday, June 18, 2007


The fam. at the Sacramento temple for Kara and Craig's wedding. Kaden just wanted to get to the flowers. Her dress was beautiful!

I love this girl, she is such a sweetie.

Kaden looks HUGE! He is so happy!

The Girls

Matt and his dad getting ready for the big event.

All the siblings. What a good lookin' bunch.

Kara and Craig got married in the Sacramento Temple on the 16th (Sat.) It was a beautiful day and she looked gorgeous. It was great to be with the family and be there for Kara's sealing. We are so glad that we could make the trip. Kaden was a trooper, such a good boy the whole time. He let anyone and EVERYONE hold him and never made a peep. He was so happy. He got almost as much attention as the bride! Congratulations Kara and Craig. You are a beautiful couple and we love you both.

Lovin' the California Sun

This last weekend we flew out to Folsom, by Sacramento for Matt's little sister Kara's wedding. It was over 100 degrees and felt so hot to us wimpy Coloradoans! So, we hopped in the pool. We spent quite a bit of time swimming. Matt had fun and at one point thought he'd test the depth...I didn't think he'd ever come up! He came up choking but he was fine. He is so funny. Kaden LOVES the pool. We had a wonderful time, I will post wedding pics later. It was beautiful...the whole weekend. And...GREAT to see Matt's wonderful family, and all of the great friends and neighbors out there.
This is how I make my arms strong!
So tired from so much swimming!

With cute Aunt Kara. We went to California for her wedding. She is such a sweetie, we are so happy for her and Craig.

With Grammy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Matt's dad Keith and us. Happy Father's day to you Keith!

(we're wearing biking shirts)

Back when we were dating....

I could just kiss his cute face all day!

I love to squeeze Matt real tight...just like this. He is so huggable!

I just wanted to post to wish my wonderful husband a happy 1st Father's day! I am not at home so can't post our pictures, but these show how much I love him. He is a husband and daddy. I am so grateful for his unconditional love and affection. I am blessed to have such a sweet guy to be with forever. Kaden has a wonderful role-model, father and friend. I love and appreciate you so much babe!

Also, Dad, Happy Father's day to you! I am so happy to be your Pumpkin. I love you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SO proud of my Handsome Man!

On Saturday we went Rock Climbing with our friends the Russo's and McIntires. We knew it was about a five minute walk to the wall, but didn't know how the terrain was. I was SO impressed with Matt! The walk was probably about 1/4 mile, but it was steep in some parts, really rocky, and uneven. Matt had his hiking poles and totally showed that trail who was boss. He was out of breath but just kept trecking up....and I couldn't stop bragging on him! This is definitely the most challenging thing he's done in a LONG time. Just before the wall the trail gets REALLY steep. Stephen and Nate helped Matt up and down that part, and I was so touched at their kindness. Matt just smiled and joked the whole time and was such a sport. Too bad we got rained out and only got to climb for about 1/2 an hour!
Little Stevie, Matt and Kaden. Kaden was covered in dirt because Stephen thought it was hilarious to throw it everywhere. SO CUTE!
This picture is a little blurry, but it's me rockclimbing. We had so much fun.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

What am I thinking??!?!?!?

Which one of these do you think I'll be?

Well, I did it....yes, I signed up to run a half marathon! I figure, if worst comes to worse, I will just walk the whole thing. I am not sure what posessed me to do this....considering I can't even run 1/2 mile!!!!! I still am trying to heal my super messed up ankle from our car accident 2 years ago. Maybe I figure if I sign up for a race, I will be forced to run and get into shape, and my ankle will be forced to cooperate. I just LOVE RUNNING so much! I am going to give it a try, and work into it slowly and see how it goes. I won't do anything stupid (except maybe I already have!). I'll try to be smart about it and I will update on the progress. The lady I work with swears she can fix my ankle...I should give that a try too ; ) Here's to running!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


These are of Kaden's first bikeride. He loved it! I even got him a cute little helmet. It took some getting used to because my bike practically doubled in weight. It was fun though and I love taking Kaden out to do fun things. I want to be like my mom and play with my kids. We always had so much fun with her and we're so close because of it. So far I think Matt, Kaden and I are doing good!
For my birthday and Memorial Day weekend my Grandma, Uncle Steve, Ellen , and Song Li came. We took a seven mile hike up the most beautiful trail. When Matt and I were dating and engaged I used to run up that trail everyday. I think it's my favorite place on earth. It goes up a canyon and goes right along the river. It's so great to escape the stresses of life and get away for a while to a place like this.

Here we are, about 3 1/2 miles up. There are two bridges that cross the river. A great place to stop and eat a snack and marvel at the amazing views.
My brother and I
Kaden and his Papa.