Friday, April 30, 2010

he's affectionate

Matt is the most affectionate person I have ever met. He loves to show love all of the time. He wants to always be hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc. When Matt gives kisses, it's not just one or two, it's five or more. It's not quick either, he's a linger-er. I love affection but it has caused some awkward moments that's for sure.

We still joke about Matt's first Christmas with my family. He opened a gift from me and kissed me. I opened one from him, he kissed me. He opened one from someone else, he kissed me. I opened one from someone else, he kissed me. My mom opened one from my dad, he kissed me. You get the idea. One day I was standing in my mom's bathroom talking to her. Matt squeezes in the door, past my mom, and starts kissing me. He actually had to work to get there but acted like I was the only one in the room. She didn't know if she should keep talking, or walk out and shut the door. I confronted Matt about these sometimes awkward situations and he said, "Babe, I don't think it's awkward! I love you!" And you guessed it, he gave me a big, fat, kiss.

The bishop of our first married ward teased us about "cuddling" in church. They would turn up the AC so high in the summer we were all freezing. As he was conducting a meeting he stood up and said, "let's all follow the Wood's example and cuddle up to keep warm" and he gave us a big wink. Once I was sitting on Matt's lap in our apartment, kissing on him, and the bishop walked right by our window and looked in and gave me a little wave. He was always punching Matt in the shoulder and giving him a big wink and eyebrow raise and I was always embarrassed.

Our babies have often had blotchy red spots on their head where Matt's given them loves. When they cry, he just hugs and kisses over and over. Kaden is his daddy's boy. He is always smothering me, Beckham and Matt with kisses, hugs, and endless affection. One night when Beckham was really sick Matt was giving him a blessing and about every other sentence he kissed him. Whenever he hugs my mom, he leans his head down and kisses the top of her head.

Matt's display of affection is just genuine love. We've been teased and scolded, and maybe I am in denial, but I really think there is nothing gross or tasteless about our affection. I like to think we just look and have always looked like a couple that loves each other. I sometimes get in a hurry and rush by Matt not realizing his arms are outstretched for a hug. Sometimes I only want one kiss and I hurry away as he is compulsively kissing or lingering too long. I am lucky to have a man that is not afraid to show love for his wife and kids, who is happy to just cuddle up close in bed, who gives me hugs when I need them most, and who has an endless supply of all the love I could ever want. So what if I have to remind him that making out in church isn't a good idea?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

he's kind of a nerd

but so am I.

Matt's always been a bit goofy. He has some of the corniest jokes I have ever heard. He does some of the silliest things. But, I have done my research and discovered that nerds make the best husbands. My friends with the nerdiest husbands are the happiest, treated the best, and have the most fun. It's just a fact.

When I first told my family about Matt they asked me what was so special about him. The first thing I thought of and said was, "he makes me laugh". Matt has always had a special way of making me laugh no matter what my mood is. We can't quite joke around the way we used to, but we still have a lot of good laughs and I'm so thankful for that.

On one of our first grocery shopping excursions as a newly married couple, we were both flabbergasted at the price of groceries for two. Or should I say, I was shocked at how much it costs to feed Matt (I would love to have that bill now.). Matt starts emptying out his wallet for the cashier and pulls out every credit card he had. "Don't worry babe, I have these! If one is full, we can just use the next, and if none of them work I got 3 credit card applications in the mail today!" Matt has the most impeccable credit score of anyone I know, but you should have seen the look on the cashier's (and my) face.

I can't even begin to touch the surface on describing how many times Matt's had me in tears of laughter. When we were poor newlyweds we used to have fun in our apartment late at night taking silly videos and pictures. We would be rolling on the floor hurting we were laughing so hard. We had a game that we played regularly (I made it up, thank-you-very-much) called "lava". One of us, unexpectedly, would claim that something was the lava and major battle would ensue. Whoever falls in the lava first loses. It might be a stripe in a parking lot, the grass beside the sidewalk, etc. I put up a tough fight I tell you what.

Matt was universally known on the UVSC campus as the "scooter boy". It's hard to miss a 6'5" guy who rides a razor scooter to all of his classes. For the Mr. UVSC pageant he constructed an impressive duct tape suit. He insisted we keep it. I have to admit, it's a work of art.
One of my very, very best memories ever was a date night we had the first year we were married. I came home from a very rough day, feeling completely sorry for myself, not in the mood to do anything. We were trying to save money so we decided to go to Barnes & Noble, sit in the soft comfy chairs reading and drinking hot chocolate. In an effort to cheer me up, Matt decided we should browse the Humor section and find something appealing. That is where we came upon the Bunny Suicides. We found the biggest chair we could find. Matt plopped down and I sat on his lap and we dove in to these ridiculous books (there were 2!). Oh. My. Goodness. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Maybe it was cute Matt laughing so hard, his eyes squinted into little slits, huge perfect teeth showing. Maybe it was because I was so emotional and needed a good laugh. Maybe it was because we were totally disrupting the peace while we tried to be silent as we laughed and cried uncontrollably and people stared at us. Or, maybe it was just the fact that we were looking at a picture book of rabbits thinking of clever, ridiculous, ingenious ways to kill themselves. Whatever the case, it was one of the best nights of my life.

Matt might be cheesy. Some people might not get his jokes. Maybe he embarrasses me sometimes, but nerds make the best husbands. It's a fact.

Monday, April 26, 2010

he loves me!

Matt has always been so outspoken in his love for me. I don't write this to talk myself up in any way, after all, I often joke that his bad memory works to my benefit. He tends to forget the beastie Jess that emerges sometimes and only remembers the good stuff. I think he even over-embellishes the good stuff and that's fine by me.

From the time we first started dating Matt bragged on me. I would meet people for the first time and they had "heard all about me", ask "oh, is this her?", etc. Talk about a boost to the self-esteem. If I ever feel bad about myself I just need Matt around to cheer me up and tell me how awesome I am (even if he is totally delusional, and he is.). It's always made me feel so good to know that he loves me, he is proud of me, and proud that I am his. He has always told me countless times a day, "I love you, babe."

On numerous occasions I have run into someone who has seen Matt and they mentioned me for some reason or another. I always get report that he says things like, "Oh, isn't she wonderful?" or, "Man, you are so lucky you got to see her!", or "I love her, she is a princess." It just makes my heart melt to hear this. Sometimes I feel bad because I don't think I deserve all the praise, but what a sweet husband to always speak so highly of his wife.

If I ever say anything negative about myself, or should I say anything less than praising myself, Matt quickly scolds me with, "hey, don't talk about my beautiful wife that way." He negates what I say by telling me how wonderful he thinks I am, or special traits about me, or good things I have done.

He will do absolutely anything I ask him to do, without hesitation. He always asks how he can help, how he can make me happier, how he can be a better husband. Sometimes I call him by one of his many nicknames, "Slave boy", because I am asking him to do silly things like bring me water when I am reading in bed, turn the heat up, go find this or that, because I am too lazy to do it myself. He doesn't seem to like being called "Slave boy" because he says he likes to do things for me, no matter how silly they are. Seriously, where did he come from?

I love how he adores me and I know that I could learn so much from this-- from his endless completely unconditional love for me. He forgives me in an instant and never holds a grudge. If I am being particularly moody or mean and apologize, he is so quick to sympathize and show understanding and act as if he hasn't noticed my bad behavior. I am very, very far from perfect, but in his eyes, I am perfect. That is what love is all about. Overlooking (or completely forgetting) the bad stuff and choosing to notice the good. I admire Matt so much for the unconditional love he shows me everyday and I want to be like him.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

his spirit is as big as his body

actually, it's much bigger.

I have always been drawn to Matt's gentle nature. His spirit has always been larger than life and shown through him like a beam of light. He has a quiet, inner faith and understanding about things. He trusts and believes.

Matt's never been really outspoken about his testimony. When we were dating, I wanted to make sure that he had the spiritual strength I knew was needed to venture through this life successfully and happily. I wanted to know he would be a strength in our marriage, the rock of our family. He bore me the most heartfelt testimony and I was blown away. His thoughts were and still are so sacred and special to him. He keeps a lot to himself, but every now and then he comes up with just the right thing to buoy me up, words of faith that are so strong and full of peace. He has been able to lift me and bring me through struggles and many tough nights.

When he prays he is sincere and thoughtful. He takes his time and means every word he says. He thinks through things and speaks to Heavenly Father as if he were sitting right next to him. Sometimes I am in awe at how present he really is, how involved in the family and our life he really is. I regret that I occasionally forget to fully include him in the shuffle of daily life. He shows me over and over, he is paying attention.

His faith and eternal perspective amaze me. He is not angry with his circumstances; he chooses to see the bigger picture. I have no doubt the inner strength and faith he has pulled him through the harrowing days in 2005. Personal, miraculous experiences he had during that time only further prove his tenacity, love of life, and spiritual strength.

He reads his
patriarchal blessing almost daily. He humbly closes his eyes and offers a prayer first, then reads the bent up, shrunken laminated blessing he keeps in his wallet. More often than not, he will read a part to me and add his thoughts. He knows he has a very special purpose on this earth, and again, his thoughts and words have often helped me see a bigger picture, strengthened my faith, and brought peace into my heart.

I really could go on and on about how strong and faithful Matt is. There have been countless times I have looked at him, watched him, and been completely overcome with love and the knowledge and feeling of God's immense love for Matt. He is a special person. He is a very special person and I do not say that as his wife. Anyone who knows him, anyone who has spent a little time with him, anyone who has really paid attention, knows that warm feeling that comes by being in his presence. He really is someone remarkable. His spirit is larger than life.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

matt week

I have realized that this blog is mostly a photo album and online shrine to our precious baby boys. The little boys and I are together all of the time and sweet Matt has been missing, or maybe neglected, from the blog lately. This Friday, the 30th, is Matt's 29th birthday and I've decided to do a week of posts all about him. He is such a sweet, wonderful, funny, warm, humble, sociable, genuine person. Really, one of the most decent human beings I have ever met. I feel like everyone should know him. Everyone should take time to get to know him. Take time to listen to what he has to say, to observe the way he demonstrates his love, to watch him persevere and conquer whatever is before him. I don't have enough good things to say about him. I'll be posting all about his personality, his quirks, the things that make him tick. I'm excited to share this special man, to relive some of our memories, and to remind myself of the things I adore about him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

green grass and adorable little people

My goodness I don't know that I have ever been so ready for spring, so excited for warmth, so anxious for sunshine. I might say that every year, but this time is for real. This winter was so long. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was cold, grey, and gloomy. I try really hard to be grateful for whatever the weather may be, but as the long grey days drug on my spirits ran low. My moods really do revolve around the weather and I wish I could change that. Maybe I belong on a beach by the equator somewhere, where I can enjoy a blissful, sunny existence. I do love the seasons though, and living here we really get to experience the best of every season.

Spring is springing. I feel like a little animal finally emerging from my black hole after a long winter in hibernation. My mom came over today and we spent the entire day outside raking, weeding, watering, and scattering seed. I can't wait to have a green lawn. The sound of the lawn mower is music to my ears. The smell of green grass and the mist of sprinklers on a hot day are heaven. The epitome of summer.

I am so in love with this little chubby boy. He was just making me smile so big, making me giggle, watching him sit in his chair like a little old man in his fishing hat. I really wish I could share his personality with the world. He is just the sweetest, cuddliest, most lovable little thing.

Kaden was a little helper and I had to make him put his shoes back on about a thousand times. I now understand the frustration my mom had when we would ask, "why are you always yelling at me?" Um, excuse me, but I ask nicely the first 3 times, but by the 8th time you have it coming to you. I seem to be "yelling" a lot lately, as demonstrated by the little man when he found a broken sprinkler in the yard:
K: Mama, you broke this spwinkwer. That's not good; that's not good at all.
Me: Mommy didn't break it; it was already broken.
K: Wisten to me. What did I say Mom? I told you over, and over, and over. You don't breaking things.

He is such a darling little boy. He seems to be growing up so fast, always learning new words, saying new things, and everyday he looks older to me. I say it all the time, but these boys bring true joy into my life. I am so in love and there is no way on earth I could ever say it or demonstrate it enough.

I know I am their mom, but man those kids are adorable.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new toy

I am so excited about this new toy. I have been wanting one forever, and waiting impatiently for it to arrive. The coolest part? It converts into a double jogger. Nice. We took our first ride this evening. Kaden held Beckham's little hand the whole time. Matt cruised on the most-awesome-trike-ever. I love to see him ride that thing; he gets to be so free. It's always great to find new and exciting things to do, all of us together. This summer is going to be awesome.

Monday, April 5, 2010

baby blues

Beckham's eyes kill me. They are so deep, captivating, and beautiful.

Even though these pictures are over-exposed (sad!), I didn't edit them; his eyes really are that blue. They just melt me to goo.


We had a wonderful Easter . I love the special feeling Easter brings, the celebration of Christ's resurrection and what that gift means for mankind. It was perfect that the sun was shining and it was one of the nicest, warmest days we've had this year. The sun could not shine so brightly on a better day. I felt so peaceful and warm, happy and optimistic. Conference weekend is uplifting and fulfilling and falling on Easter this year made it even more special. I love the opportunity to listen to inspired leaders, to be reminded of the truly important things, and to be given new life and new perspective.

There are many opinions and misconceptions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). I am proud and honored to say that we are Christian; we absolutely believe He is the Savior of the world. He is the center of our religion, of our lives, and lives in our hearts. We strive to base our life on His teachings, His example, and we hope to emulate His love and uplift others through Him. His atoning sacrifice and resurrection are paramount; the ultimate reason we celebrate Him. We celebrate his LIFE, His eternal gift to every person who has lived, lives, and ever will live. We believe, we know, that He lives. I know that He lives.

I love the opportunity to teach my boys the meaning of such a special holiday. Kaden was so excited about painting eggs, eating candy, and all the prizes in his basket. My heart could not have been happier when I asked him what the real reason for Easter is and he answered "Jesus!".

We spent the afternoon with my parents. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed each other. Beckham lay on the floor squealing, kicking, talking and laughing. We watched as Kaden made a complete disaster of the living room.
My brother and I teased each other like we always do. Beckham pulled his hair and his ears, while Kaden climbed on him like a jungle gym. We hid eggs for Kaden and watched as he excitedly ran through the yard to find them. Then, we watched as he cracked and smashed every one of those eggs.

It was a beautiful day, in every sense of the word.