Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just a few cute ones....

I know that I have posted a lot of pictures of Matt reading to Kaden...but I just think it's SO CUTE! Kaden has to hold his own book or he is constantly trying to grab at the pages and take the book away....he is starting to get more and more interested in what we are reading though, it's so much fun to read to him. He loves it.

I am so thankful that Matt takes time to read to and play with Kaden. He is so helpful when I need to do other things, and Kaden loves his daddy.
Kaden with Nana outside of "Dad's Diner." It was so fun to eat there; it's totally straight out of the 50's.
It's been getting colder here and this was taken right after we went on a walk....look at those red cheeck-ies!
Andrea moved back for a few months and I am SO glad she is here! I have missed her!

Little rascally man planning his next mission of mischief....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears...OH MY!

Kaden's Halloween costume came in the mail yesterday and I just had to try it out. He didn't mind it at all....and I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears! It has a chubby belly and a big mane and cute! He crawled around and all over was impossible to get a good picture. He was attacking me the whole time, and giggling and babbling to no end. It was so cute, I just wish someone else would have been there to share in the hilarity of it with me!

The attack lion spots his prey (which is me by the way), and goes in for the kill.....

Cute little chubby lion....I love it!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Faster, Further, Longer, Stronger....

I am making this post to show my immense gratitude to my Father in Heaven for Matt's constant improvement. These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we walked along the trail that goes around the lake. It is hilly and uneven, and BEAUTIFUL. Last summer we walked regularly, but Matt could only go out a quarter of a mile. The other day when we walked we went 2 miles and Matt said he could go farthur but it was getting kind of cold! His balance is so much better, he walks faster, his gait is smoother, he has more indurance and strength. He also loves to go on walks and no longer sees it as a chore. It is definitely one of the best things we do together as a family. I love the quality time together.

Here he is just hiking along...he's so cute with his professional hiking poles (the best investment ever!) They give him more stability and, they look cool!

I cannot brag enough on how far Matt has come in the last year. Sometimes we both get discouraged and frustrated because we want everything NOW, but if we sit and reflect on how far he has come, what his abilities are, and his motivation to keep trying, we realize what true miracles have already taken place. I am awed and amazed at the way the last two years have gone. We were told that Matt would remain uconscious indefinately, and if he were to awaken, he would be in a vegetative state. We were told that he would not dress himself, eat by himself, or even be able to swallow. He likes to brag that he gets up and showers, dresses, (often before I get my lazy bum out of bed), and is able to eat (in LARGE quantities), ALL BY HIMSELF! hah! Those things are very simple for him.

I am so grateful though, because they weren't always simple. When he first came home from the hospital he needed constant help and care with every daily activity and task. He was confused, disoriented, forgetful, etc. He has come a long way, and we continue to see great and innumerable improvements and strides. He talks faster and more clearly, his long and short term memory are MUCH better, he maintains a sense of humor (extremely corny I might add), and still constantly shows love and devotion to Kaden and I.

Although I would never have dreamed we could make it through the things we have endured, and sometimes I lay awake at night wondering HOW we are going to do it....I wouldn't change my life. I LOVE my husband more than words can express. I LOVE my baby more than words can express. I LOVE where we live. I LOVE our wonderful, supportive friends and family. I LOVE the gospel, and I LOVE my life. I know things will all work out for us. We are happy and doing our best. I have so much to be grateful for and so much to share with those around me.

This is what really matters....our beautiful family.

I scraped this onto a rock for Matt....I DO LOVE HIM! When things are looked at through a proper perspective, we realize what matters most. Looking at my life in the right perspective makes me realize how loved and blessed I am.

My big man and my little favorites.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is it a bed....or a jungle gym?

Sometimes, long after Kaden has been put to bed, I hear little squeals, things banging around, giggles, etc. I peek in on him and find that he has pulled his mobile down, is wresting with a stuffed animal, or is climbing in his crib like it's a jungle gym. It breaks my heart he is so darn cute.

He is attacking the crib railing, showing it who's boss. He wrestled like this for a long time...finally after the noise had stopped I went back in to find he had completely worn himself out and was sleeping in a very uncomfortable-looking position.

And finally, after a long fiasco, he wears himself out and finds sleep....and sleeps peacefully until morning.

I walked into his room while he was napping and he was hugging his little elephant. I thought it was so sweet.

This is the new preferred sleeping position.....little bum right up in the air.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Homecoming Stud! YAY!

My handsome brother John-Isaac was nominated for Homecoming King. He is such a good person and a friend to many. He is funny, fun, a great friend, a good listener, upholds his standards, etc. I was so proud watching my mom walking him to the middle of the field during half-time of the football game.

Kaden loved his first football game. He was happy the entire time, despite the rather chilly air.

My mom was "busting her buttons". So proud of her Bud.

Little Mr. Social Bug

A few weeks ago we went to a little birthday party for my friend Reese's baby, Danica. She just turned 2. There were five kids there though, and Kaden had a BALL! He was loving playing with all of the other kids...he was so into it! He was the youngest and surprisingly smallest one there, but he fit right in with the "big kids".

We had a hard time getting this picture because a few of the kids were mad, and Kaden kept trying to escape off of the couch.....that's how he is though, little Mr. wiggle worm.

Kaden was completely attacking Danica with kisses. It was so funny....he won't kiss just anyone, so she must have been special to him ;) She didn't seem to like it as much as he did....

You can probably tell what that frosting tasted like, just by looking at it. I couldn't choke it down, but all of the kids loved can also imagine what their faces, clothes, the whole house....and the next day's diapers looked like.....

Kaden with hislittle friend Minnie. He has always really liked this little girl, since he was teeny tiny. Maybe it's her beautiful dark hair and eyes...she is a very pretty baby.

Kaden has just learned to stand up and he climbs all over everything now.

He also learned to climb up stairs...hasn't mastered going down gracefully yet though...