Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is the FUNNIEST thing and had me laughing hysterically....Matt and I are staying at my parent's house while they are in California with John-Isaac for Spring Break. Matt is kind of a neat freak and has to have his clothes all hanging in the closet. Well...he obviously put on the wrong pair of pants. I didn't think that my dad was THAT much shorter than Matt! SO FUNNY, I LOVE IT!

(oh and please excuse the messy background, we have been experiencing a small tornado making it's way through the house....)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A really good day

Matt had a surprising amount of energy today, and we went on the LONGEST walk we have been on since 05'. We went over 3 miles! That is so far for Matt. The impressive thing too, is that he didn't have his walking poles but still kept a really good pace and maintained it the whole way. I am so proud of him! He was happy too, and we laughed and talked the whole way. It was one of our best days in a long time. Kaden rode in the pack and was so fun! He leaned from side to side and talked the WHOLE way. He pointed at things and it was like the whole ride was a new discovery for him. I LOVED carrying him the whole way (and wow, he is a lot heavier than he was last summer!). Ally the dog was so happy to get her exercise. We are watching her while my parents are gone. Kaden loves Ally and laughed at her cavorting through the snow.

We still have so much snow! It is melting really quickly though...I am so excited for summer.

As a result of Matt's injury, sometimes he tends to get very tired, lethargic, and apathetic. He sort of goes through phases and I am still trying to figure out if there is some sort of correlation with his activities, sleep, food, some sort of cycle with the moon...who knows! It can be quite baffling, really. He will find little bursts of energy here and there, but nothing really lasting. The last few weeks he has seemed that way off and on, but today he woke up with a different energy. I have missed his energetic, smiling, witty self. I felt like we connected with each other, like we haven't in a little while. Days like today, I notice huge strides and improvement in him, and am reminded that healing is still definitely taking place. I think that Heavenly Father sends me these little reminders when I start to get down, so I realize that we aren't forgotten. This cycle is not new...people close to Matt have noticed that he will go through a very slow, tired period of time, then all of a sudden he wakes up and we notice a big difference in him. It must take SO much energy to go through the healing process he goes through, so it makes sense why it would be this way. I have to remind myself of this and have patience and perseverance when things are tough and he is harder to reach. Days like today remind me of the "old" Matt and make all the other days totally worth while.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful Easter

We went to an Easter party at the church on Friday evening. It was so much fun watching all of the little kids scrambling to get the colorful eggs. It's a good thing they let the teeny kids go first. Kaden was SO happy with his eggs and got the hang of it in no time. When the rush of older kids came out and got all of the eggs he had a breakdown. His bottom lip went out and tears flowed...he was so sad that the eggs were all gone. It was quite pitiful...and funny. Now, he is having a great time hiding his eggs throughout the house. We always know where he has been by the trail of items in mysterious locations, placed with great care.

Saturday we went to a neighborhood party and he had a blast. He just loves other kids. Someone gave him some helium balloons, and it was the best discovery he has made thus far. He was the happiest boy alive with those flying objects. This picture is a little fuzzy, but with his cookie and balloons he couldn't be more pleased...and neither could I!
But, of course, we could never forget the true reason for this special holiday. Our savior Jesus Christ. I feel so blessed to have a testimony and knowlegde of his incredible sacrifice and resurrection.

This amazing artwork is by Simon Dewey. He is definitely one of my very favorite artists, and I love the light in this picture. Christ is the light, and the way. I know this to be true.

These are the simple things...

Finally! The snow is melting and the sun is shining!
I know that I post countless pictures of seemingly repetitive things...but these are our special memories. Someday, I will publish these postings into a book. A family treasure. My family is the most important thing to me and moments like these uplift and bring immeasureable joy.

Kaden kicked this soccer ball around for 15 minutes and just giggled and giggled. Is there anything better on this earth than a laughing child? Not to me; I could listen to him giggle all day. In fact, I make a complete fool out of myself just to get this memorable, most adorable reaction. Yes, I am obsessed with this's true.

He is learning to run too, and he holds his arms up high and shrieks with excitement. He's getting to be faster than Matt! Matt was chasing him around today, and Kaden was winning. It's okay babe, he'll be faster than I am in no time. Then we will just have to out-think him!...Except, he is also getting quite clever...

He went down the slide about a million times and squealed every time.

I could say that we went to the park today for Kaden's enjoyment...but that wouldn't be true. I was feeling cooped up and was dying for fresh air. I enjoyed this little outing SO much. I wish we could have spent the entire day basking in the beautiful sunlight. It is definitely the simple things in this life that make it so sweet. I am so glad that we can notice those simple things and enjoy each moment as it comes. Honestly, seeing my handsome boys playing together and laughing with no control or grace, with their silly noises and expressions, is the epitome of happiness.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

High in the sky!

Thursday we drove back home from Utah. I am sad that we missed a few friends, but we had a wonderful time with everyone we were able to meet up with. Next time, I will let people know in advance when we are coming!

Kaden is such a trooper in the car. He was getting so sick of it though and I was tired and had the worst headache. So, while driving through Green River we decided to stop at a park and play for a while. I had to take pictures of him on the swing because it was the most hilarious thing. He was laughing SO hard, and everytime he would swing forward his head would fall back. He was having so much fun it totally made my day. These simple things that bring so much joy to my little boy, make my life so rich. I love being his mom.

Daddy got him swinging really high...and Kaden was ecstatic.

Could he be any happier? I love those little gap cute!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The new discoveries of a little boy

I had to get a new toothbrush since I forgot the electric one at home. Kaden sucked on it the whole week and it became a prized posession. I had to disinfect it everytime I wanted to use it. I am not sure what the allure was...he has one of his own! And look at that belly! I LOVE IT! Come over and rub it for luck, it works. He loves to have his belly rubbed too. It's one of the only times he will sit still for more than 2 seconds. He's giving Buddha a run for his money.

The tennis ball thrower was quite interesting... I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with a ping-pong ball in his mouth. This kid has a bigger mouth than I do. He would put one in there and walk around with chipmunk cheeks and part of the orange ball showing, it was pretty silly. He loved to watch the boys playing ping-pong and I think he upset the outcome of a couple games...

I also had a hard time pulling him away from the water fountain at the mall. I think he thought it was a swimming pool; he wanted to get in and splash around.

Kaden was in Heaven with all of the cords, controllers, games, containers, and schmorgaspord of new fascinating objects and electronics in the basement. Connor and Gabe....sorry if anything is missing, broken, or disassembled.

Sunshine and grass?!?! Could it be? Yes!

It was so fun watching Kaden run through the yard as fast and his little legs would carry him. He was so happy outside and when we brought him back in he went to the door and pointed to go out again. He managed to find the ONLY patch of snow...about a square foot of it....sat down and played in it and got totally soaked. I guess that is what he is familiar with!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bright and funky new project....

I picked up a bunch of bright, funky, fun material for a quilt I am going to make for Kaden's "big boy room". I was so excited to get started and found I didn't have the stuff for the bobbin. So, I used the scraps and sewed this little pillow by hand. I like that none of the pieces really match up. I had a really good time making it. I am not a seasoned seamstress, but I will learn!

I am so excited to make the quilt! It's going to be fun, and the finished product will be SO cute...well, hopefully!

Walmart...a necessary evil....

I somehow always end up at this madhouse when the droves of other people just off of work are arriving. It seems we always spend more time in the line to pay than we do wandering the aisles. Kaden did this for about half the trip around the store and I thought it was too cute. Kaden...I feel your pain.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prayer Baby....

He's pretty good at workin' the camera.

Matt took a few pictures the other day of Kaden and I playing...I just had to post a few because I am totally in love with this little boy. He is amazing and wonderful and everything I could have ever dreamed of.

When Matt had been out of the hospital for about a month, we caught him praying in the kitchen one day. His mom said, "Matt, what are you praying about" and his reply was, "Oh, I am just praying that soon Jess and I can make you a grandma". It was cute but I was thinking, "yeah, maybe in like 10 years". (At that point Matt was like a baby. He needed help with almost EVERYTHING...even putting on his socks was a confusing and difficult task.) He prayed for a baby pretty much everytime he prayed. I am not sure what made him so fervent in his efforts, but obviously he had some special connection with the Almighty, and major influence.

When I found out I was pregnant I almost died of shock. I have mentioned this before, but I was SO overwhelmed and worried about it. I prayed about it and instantly felt assured and overcome with a feeling of peace. I knew it was the right thing. I still tease Matt that he should be praying to heal, to regain memory, etc. since he has a very special "power". heehee.

Kaden came here for Matt....and he came here for ME. He is my world. I cannot imagine life without his special spirit in our family. He brings us constant joy. I love every second with this baby. He takes the stress OUT of life. I know that Kaden has a very special and unique spirit. He has a purpose in this family. He is a constant ray of sunshine and love. He gets his constant affection from his dad. He will all of a sudden be overcome with excitement and trot over to me as fast as he can and give me the biggest hugs and slobbery kisses. Nothing could make me happier. I love this littly boy more than words can express and I know that God knew what he was doing when he answered Matt's prayers.

***oh, and funny story. We had been here in Co. for about 4 months (and I was about 4 months pregnant, and still not telling many people). We were asked to speak in church. Matt was still a little uninhibited, and he was giving his talk. The topic was faith. He started by saying, "my wife Jessica, she was on birth control..." Immediately the bishop looked over to me as to question if he should stop him....haha. Matt continued, "but I am going to be a Dad, so apparently God doesn't care about that (b.c.)." It was hilarious and classic, I am sure no one in that meeting will ever forget that!***

"Mom....this is are totally squishing my face!" I can't help it, he is SO kissable. It's like a reflex....I must kiss him at least 50x a day. MUUUAAAAAH!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just wanted to say...

I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of words of encouragement and love. The emails and comments that continue to come as a result of my previous post are encouraging and bring tender feelings to my heart. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family. I am so grateful for loved ones and strangers alike who express such words of compassion and tenderness. Thank you to truly have bouyed me up.