Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still Kids

Andrea, Clare, Becky (my very best pals from high school) and I got together for a little fun in the snow. It was literally only 10 degrees outside and I had the flu, but it was the most fun I have had in a while. We went to the dam where the world's best sledding is.

Becky in the lone and deary wilderness, blazing a trail via awesome snowshoes.

You can do it Clare! The snow was waist-deep; I kid you not.

Kaden managed to get stuck on the hill and the snow was up to my waist and I just kept sinking trying to save him. Becky and Ryan came to the rescue in their snowshoes. Then I took Kaden home for his nap and came back to play ( I love that we only live 1/2 mile away!).
Get Ready...

Get Set...


We actually got some terrifying speed and had to crash-land before blasting into a ginormous snowbank.
Me, Karena, Andrea, Becky, Clare

Being ridiculous...but I totally pelted Becky.

Is this not the most beautiful place?!?!?!

I love the holidays when my favorites come home to see me (and their families too I guess). I am still working on my recruiting. These girls would be first string.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Special Day

Christmas Eve and Christmas day are always so special. We have a lot of neat traditions that I'm so happy we continue every year. On Christmas Eve we watched a beautiful performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, orchestra, and dance. The conference center never ceases to amaze me. I can only imagine how spectacular it would have been to be there.
Christmas day was a little different this year. We have always spent Christmas with my Nonie, and Papa (mom's mom and dad). Papa passed away 4 years ago, and Nonie is worried to travel in the snow. This year we had the most snow and the biggest storm I ever remember having on Christmas. It was beautiful, but I missed Nonie. We still carried on our traditions and had a lovely day.
My two best friends.

I think that I might have single-handedly drunk an entire 1/2 gallon of my mom's AMAZING spiced apple cider. It was too good to be true. That ginormous mug means business, and so did I.

My goofy brother and I. We sang a marvelous rendition of jingle bells for the video camera. I am not sure it can be displayed here, but my mom said something to the effect of, "you 2 are going to be so embarrassed when you watch that later". I don't think so. He is too much fun; I love that kid.
And speaking of kids...THIS one made Christmas even more special. Before we opened presents, and even after in fact, he was found sitting by the train my brother sets up every year. Kaden was obsessed with the thing and yelled all day long "CHOO-CHOO! Come on Choo-Choo!".
He felt better than he did on his birthday and loved opening presents. He opened a bunch that weren't even his.
This is his new art easle...another toy that I think I may have more fun with than he does. In fact, I already did a finger painting.


We had Kaden's second 2nd birthday celebration the day after his real birthday. On his birthday we went to my work party. My boss has three girls and they were in love with him and drug him through the house all night long. He showed off and danced around and made a silly show of himself. He was in Heaven. He is a true lady's man already and I'm not sure if I like that. He was even found in a dark closet with the three-year-old with nothing but a tiny flashlight....hmmmm.
On the 21st we had his birthday part at my parent's house and he just wasn't feeling himself. He's been sick a lot this month, and that showed as he wasn't really into opening gifts OR eating cake! Either way, I had fun video-taping and opening presents for him. He loved what was inside at least.

He got a sled, lots of car stuff, a choo-choo, some books, and blocks. I think that the parents are the lucky ones. Matt and I had a lot of fun with the Zoob blocks.

My beautiful white-walled tire cake.

Much more interested in the choo-choo than his cake and ice cream. Proof he's not feeling quite himself.
When we got home there was a gigantic box on our porch. It was from Keith and Kim, and inside was the cutest little rocking horse. Kaden literally fell in love with it. He just kept saying "horsey" and kissing and hugging it. It was such a fun surprise.

He's 2. HE IS 2!!!!! He is so much fun and entertains us daily. He is full of love and is the sweetest thing on earth. I can't believe HE IS 2! I have loved every stage and I hope that I continue to love every age, because I am figuring out that you can't stop time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Christmastime. It is so magical and creates a warm feeling deep in me. I love the spirit of Christmas, the true reason for the season. It is so easy to get caught up in festivities, yummy treats, and shopping, but making time to think of the Savior and His birth makes Christmas truly special. I have heard recently people complaining about Christmas, complaining that people are greedy, rude, in a hurry, etc. That may be true, but I honestly see it as a time when people are giving, thoughtful, kind, and willing to do extraordinary things. I see it as a time when loved ones gather from large distances and reminisce and share, and enjoy a peaceful time together. I love to see beautiful decorations and lights. I feel happy listening to my favorite spiritual, traditional, and fun holiday songs. I really do see Christmas as an extremely special and magical time.
While we were in Utah, we were treated to a play, a Christmas dance concert, the festival of trees, and my favorite, the lights on Temple Square (nothing can compare to this). It was a packed-full week of wonderful activities that just blasted us with Christmas spirit.
At the festival of trees. I love this. There are wreaths, gingerbread houses, and HUNDREDS of tiny, medium, tall, and HUGE trees displayed. Some of them are complete scenes full of toys, electronics, or whatever theme the tree is. People bid on the trees and the money goes to the Primary Children's Hospital. Another thing I will do if (when ;) I'm a couple of trees.
Our cousin Nate works in a giant building across from Temple square and he took us to the top floor to see the lights. It was spectacular. I wish the pictures would have turned out to do it more justice. It was beautiful. I swear they put more lights up every year.
Obsessed with kissing.

With Traci and her precious mom.

Grandpa Dave and Kaden.

Kaden was so into the fountain, he threw a fit when we tried to leave. He would have jumped in to swim had I not had the grip of death on him.

So much to celebrate. Today was Kaden's birthday. He's 2 and I can't believe it. I listened to Christmas songs through December and while in the hospital when Kaden was born. Every time I hear Christmas music, especially Sarah McLachan's "What Child is This?" I think of my baby. The first time I held him, his first few days here when it was just the two of us snuggling in the hospital. I can imagine the baby Jesus and I feel so much love in my heart.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

It snowed 2 feet the other night and we woke up to this. It was up to my knees and took me over 2 hours to SHOVEL the entire driveway. Kaden and Matt just watched me from the window; it made me smile. There is a running joke about my "man arms". This will definitely contribute to them.

I thought I had to go to work, but I got a snow day along with the schools....and around here that NEVER happens. So, we've been taking advantage of the time off and the fun to be had (the housework too, bleh).

It's beautiful here; I am in love with it.

His coat is so tiny; it's from last year. I think there is a song about that, "fat guy in a little coat.." It's a good thing he's getting a new one for his birthday. I just love how fat he is in his snow clothes. He literally waddled.
And then....

"I've fallen down and can't get up!" That is what happens when you are a rolly polly. He just thrashed around and was giggling, but couldn't get anywhere. Matt and I were almost hysterical. I am the mean mom who had to snap the picture before I'd help him.

I did help him, eventually :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm guilty....and proud of it

This picture gets a post of its own, because I am guilty of being overly-obsessed with my offspring. I don't care what anyone says, THAT is the cutest boy on earth....hands down :) Seriously, just look at him.

Trev and Heidi got hitched.

Matt and I could become professional wedding-goers by now. We've been to who knows how many weddings over the last few years. He's married off 4 of his immediate family members in the last year and a half. This time, his younger brother Trevor married beautiful Heidi. Here are some (of course too many) pictures of the event.

Mr. Suave himself, ready to go.

The gang right before we left for the wedding.
They got married only about 10 minutes away from Traci's house, so I was surprised and so happy that Kaden fell asleep in the car. So, we stashed him in the corner hoping he'd stay asleep. He is not one to stay asleep for long if he is interrupted, but Heaven looked down on us and he slept for over an hour in his carseat. He didn't make the pictures, but he was the happiest boy after his rest. And, I was a happy mom.

Me, Heidi, Kara, and Nicole.

Little Mr. Handsome.

Kara and Nicole (Matt's sisters).

Trying to entertain a wiggly toddler during dinner.

Heidi looked stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Like a barbie doll.

Don't let that pretty face fool you, she can hold her own. Good thing too...

Like father like son. Kaden loves to kiss, and he INSISTS it's on the lips.

"Heidi, just give me another one"

"Come on, I said I want another kiss...."

And away they go, the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Wood.