Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the little things

I had to write this down so I never forget it. Moments like these make life so happy. I have found that in this adventure of life, it's the little things that matter. Monday we spontaneously decided to go on a little family date. I told Kaden we were going to see the BIG movie, and showed him the preview online- How to Train Your Dragon. I think we watched the preview about 10 times and each time he got more excited. I told him we would go after his nap. He kept running into his room, staying in there about a minute, then coming out, "I am all done sweeping now mom. I ready to go see dragon train!"

I kept telling him that there wouldn't actually be a choo-choo in the movie, but it was about teaching a dragon. His three-year-old brain couldn't wrap around that concept. I told him about the movie being 3d, like a pop-up book! He would get to wear glasses, and if he kept them on, he could see better. My brother brought over his extra pair of glasses and Kaden wore them all afternoon. He ran and bounced around, squealing with delight, saying over and over, "I so excited mom! I so excited! YAAAAYYY!"

He didn't end up taking a nap, but fell asleep in the car. When we woke him up at the theater his eyes lit up, a smile crossed his face, and he got excited all over again. I don't think I have seen him that cute or happy since we rode the Polar Express. I let him carry our tickets and Matt carried him. He waved the tickets in the air, "I got the tickets! I got 'em!"

When we got into the theater he got all cozy in his little booster seat, his feet barely reaching the end. He wiggled his legs and feet and just kept looking over at me with the biggest grin. He talked through the previews and it made my heart so happy. I busted out the smuggled root beer and skittles and gave him his share.

Kaden watched the whole movie, commentated, and smiled the entire time. He said the funniest things. A few times he got scared and hid his face, then assured me (to reassure himself), "don't be scared mama, that dragon is nice". The whole time we were there I just thought over and over about how happy I was to see him so excited. Beckham was an angel and Matt was in the best mood too and I couldn't help but beam and think about what a perfect day it was.

After the movie we went to dinner and got ice cream. Kaden said please and thank you and talked on and on about the movie. We had the best time and everything went perfectly. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, there is nothing better. The little things are what matter. Seeing a little boy's whole world light up when you surprise him, having a happy husband and content baby, enjoying a beautiful day together as a family, every care and and stress completely disappearing for a while. That is what life is about; that is what family is about.

I had to include all of these pictures because those ginormous glasses are just too darn cute. Kaden is so awesome.

Monday, March 29, 2010

13.1-- and the .1 really does matter

I can't even begin to say what an accomplishment this feels like--surviving, running (every single step), and finishing (faster than I thought I would) a half marathon. In all seriousness, I never imagined I would run again. Our accident nearly 5 years ago left me with an almost-severed foot and it's taken a long time to get it working right again. Up until this January, I hadn't run more than a mile in 4 1/2 years. I didn't train too hard, for fear I might permanently injure myself. I felt stiff and sore a lot of the time, but each time I ran I got stronger and faster. It has been so much fun running with friends. I didn't even know Pam and Jamie had signed up for the race, but was so happy when I found out. I doubt I would have even trained right and probably would have wimped out and run the 5 mile instead. These girls have been so much fun, and like I have mentioned before, running together has been much more than just a workout. We've created a friendship, a camaraderie, and it feels so good to talk with other girls. Pounding the pavement, breathing fresh air, and talking about everything under the sun really does something great for the psyche.

We went over to Moab on Friday and stayed in a very over-priced hotel. The wind was blowing and it was frigid outside. Saturday promised to be much warmer. I met the girls not-so-bright and early and we headed over to the buses. WHY on EARTH do they make you ride up to the start so early? I guess it takes a long time to get 5,000 runners to the start, but even so, we were all up there with over and hour and a half to spare. It's up the canyon, in the shade, and it's FREEZING.

We huddled together by a big rock and shivered half of our energy away. About 30 minutes before the start of the race we put our stuff in the sweat truck and made our way to the start. It was crazy to see so many people.

I was SO cold at this point (and wow am I pasty!), which maybe is why I can't seem to look at the camera. We waited at the starting line, in our pace group, for about 15-20 minutes. There were so many people that we didn't even cross the starting line until 2 minutes after the race began.

The course is beautiful. It goes down the canyon along the Colorado river and the red rocks are gorgeous. The aid stations were festive and at mile 10 there are people playing HUGE drums and it sounds amazing echoing in the canyon. I loved running with Pam and Jamie. We stuck together for 9 miles. Our goal was to beat 2 hours and we all smashed it. The last two miles were really tough, but it was the perfect time to see all of the little kids cheering, sticking their hands out for high fives, and running through the town full of people. Jamie and I ended up finishing only 8 seconds apart, and I wish I would have known she was so close so we could have crossed together. My time was 1:54:37, about an 8:45 min/mile. Not too shabby!
We made it! I actually found myself getting a little emotional as I crossed the finish line. I just felt so thankful that I was able to do it. I really felt proud of myself for doing something hard, something I never dreamed I would do again. I felt humbled and blessed.

It was so sad, Matt and my parents were watching so closely and didn't get to see me finish. There were so many people, and my mom saw Jamie, so maybe when she was taking her picture I ran by. I didn't mind that they missed me, but I felt bad for them, traveling so far and not getting to see the end. Kaden was great the whole morning, but freaked out at the end of the race. I am not sure if he saw me finish or not, but when I found them when I was done, he was in meltdown mode. "I wost my mama!!!" He clinged to me every second after that. I am glad we found each other.
Where's Waldo? I love that Matt is in the back of this picture, smiling. He is so funny. I love the whole feel of a race. The camaraderie among runners is special. People cheer and encourage each other on the course and at the end. Husbands and wives run together and finish holding hands. I saw a girl with a prosthetic leg and she was amazing. People were so inspired by her. The tents, vendors, music, and everything going on just adds to the excitement. The whole experience is a good one.

My parents were amazing. They drove us up, paid for half the hotel, bought us food, watched the boys, and were my biggest fans. I can't believe how much they do for me, for us, and how willing and happy they are to do it.

I think I might have caught the bug. I want to do more.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cutest little thing that you ever did see

Somehow he is 7 months old. His first two teeth just poked through and he is still content to just be a little lump. Laughs, giggles, talks and squeals all the time. Has sucked his fists raw. Prettiest, most captivating blue eyes in the world. Couldn't possibly love the chunky monkey any more.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I am finding that my moods revolve too much around what the weather is doing. I don't mind a good storm, in fact, I love snow and I love rain, but when the gray days drag on, I start to feel blue. Spring is finally starting to make its debut around here and amazingly, I am feeling so happy and alive. I want to take advantage of every ounce of sunshine and warmth. Today was a happy day. We met some friends for a nice walk and a long time at the park. It was heavenly. Watching the boys together was so fun. Boys are wonderful.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

game face

Today is race day. Wish me luck.

Clearly, Matt and I had a little too much fun with the "action" shots. We were laughing so hard. I am the biggest nerd ever...well, no, I still think Matt is a bigger nerd--So I guess we make a good pair, right? Anyway, today is the race and I am a little nervous! I haven't run in almost 5 years and honestly thought I never would run again. It's quite a big deal. It will really be a big deal if I finish. It will really, really be a big deal if I finish how I am hoping to. If I live through it, I will post results and pictures. I promise I won't be smiling in the real action shots. Oh, and I am also definitely not going to be doing whatever I was attempting in these pictures either. (It's okay, I know nike is going to call me soon, because I know they want the rights to these.) Here goes nothin'...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

he's cute, and funny too

Matt loves me, and he proved it on Sunday. Our Sunday school teacher brought the most beautiful, mouth-watering, ginormous (which, by the way, is that word in the dictionary yet? because if not, it should be), plate of fruit. HEAVEN on a plate!! It was an object lesson, but all I could think about was how much I wanted it. How badly I needed to have it. She poses the question, "If you had a choice, would you take a piece of fruit now, or plant the seeds, water the trees, and wait for the fruit to grow?"
Well, obviously we know what the answer should be, but I am all about instant gratification. Matt raises his hand and says, "Oh, I would definitely wait..." Another man pipes in, "I'll have mine now!" So, she walks back to the man and gives him his pick, then turns and starts walking toward us. I got so excited-she was bringing that whole platter of deliciousness to Matt (read: MEEEE)! I gave him a high five and grinned knowing we had just received the ultimate prize. A few minute later I say to Matt, "Brown-noser!"
He turns to me and says, "BENEFICIARY!"
After church I heard all about how he wouldn't share it with anyone because he was saving it for me. Someone even asked him what his plans for it were and he replied, "Well, more importantly, what are my wife's plans?" Good boy Matt, good boy. I did share, a little.
The other day:
Me: Why do I feel like an old lady? My knees are squeaking!
Matt: Um...maybe because you RUN......for FUN!
Me: Hey, are you saying I am crazy or something?
Matt: Um, yeah babe, but you're FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Yummy, clean, fresh little boys. I love the pictures of Beckham with the gun. His face says it all, "watch it pal..." These little boys love each other more all the time. I am so happy having two little boys. What an adventure it is-- and is going to be.