Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have been mulling over an idea for the past few months, and yesterday I took the plunge and did something drastic. I feel so brave. My hair has been driving me nuts. It was so long, wavy, and thick and just a mess. I probably only really did it on Sundays. Since I go to the gym, work, and have four sticky little hands always tangling themselves in my mass of hair, the rest of the time it was pulled up. It gets staticy and tangly. I almost throw a fit on a regular basis trying to comb through it. Anyway, I cut it. Boy, did I cut it, and I LOVE it!
I look so hardcore here. That's because I am. I cut 14 inches off! I am excited because my friend who cut it works at this fancy salon and they donate the hair to wigs for kids. The cut took forever because my hair has gotten so wacky since the boys came along. It's straight on top and freakishly curly/wavy and confused underneath. Glad Nicole took the time to make it perfect even though it was after hours and her date was waiting for her.

I just felt that it kind of looked like a small animal, or roadkill. The stylist tried to talk me out of it at first and it almost worked. I haven't really cut my hair since Kaden was a baby. I am so glad that I didn't chicken out. Then she said, "well, you do sort of look like you are 10, so this will make you look a little older..." I feel so free and my hair feels so fresh and healthy. Matt loves it and keeps saying it's hot. Hahaha. I love him. I'm stoked.

Friday, November 19, 2010

he's growing up

Congrats to my handsome brother and sweet Shaelee. These two lovebirds are gettin' hitched! So exciting, and so weird at the same time. I feel like he is still 12!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

layin' low

We've all had our turn feeling yucky this past week. We're up to our ears in runny noses, coughs, sore throats, and droopy eyes. We've spent a lot of time just laying around. Laying in bed reading books. Laying on the floor making a pathetic attempt to play. Laying on the couch coloring pictures. Laying around watching movies. Laying around taking pictures of ourselves laying around. Are there an unnecessary number of pictures posted? Yes, but I love them all. Even though Beckham is pictured so much more lately, it's only because Kaden is too busy rolling around, flashing cheesy grins then fleeing, or making a goofy face. It's just too hard hard to get a good picture of that boy these days.

Beckham might just be a little couch potato. On the very rare occasion I turn on the tv he actually gets giddy and excited, then goes into a complete trance. I have loved the snuggles I've gotten all week from those cute little boys. Even wiggly, wild Kaden has been so cuddly.

operation smother

Last night Becks smothered Matt and Toby for a good half hour. I busted up looking through these pictures. Between the crazy bedhead, the buddha belly, and Matt's, Beckham's and Toby's expressions I was cracking up. Too bad I don't have his cute little noises and words to go with it. That Beckham sure does have a lot of love to give.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

little feet

One of my very favorite things in the whole world.

Monday, November 15, 2010

mr. (mushy) muscles

Beckham is still getting a pt session in every week. He is throwing his little bipolar fits as well, but Diane just laughs and we wait for him to get it together and try again. He is so silly but he really is trying. It make me sad when he gets frustrated. Diane says he is doing so much better. I guess it is sometimes hard for me to notice the huge strides when I see him every day and when I see other kids his age or younger doing so, so much more. Maybe I just worry too much because in reality, I am totally still noticing the little things he is doing that are actually big things.

He is spending more time supporting himself with his arms. They are still so weak and miles behind his legs. He is using them more though, and I know that once he figured out how to stand on his legs and use them, they got stronger really fast. I am hoping his arms do the same.
For him, it's a big deal to support his weight with one arm and play, reach, and grab with the other. Diane (his physical therapist) told me to take lots of pictures and videos so I can see his improvements. Taking a lot of pictures isn't something I struggle with, obviously.

He still uses his head as a maneuvering device and I am not sure how to break him of this habit. It's huge though! Gotta give him props for using it to his advantage.

He still tires pretty quickly and I am not sure how to build his endurance, other than to just keep working with him. The other day he was sitting on one of my legs and pulled himself up to stand and play on the couch. He stood there for over 5 minutes playing with the xylophone, his favorite toy. He was so happy there. I was so proud of him. His legs are getting so strong! They are getting more muscular and chubby too.

I think that last picture is my new favorite. I love that little smirk!