Wednesday, August 29, 2012

my baby is 3

On Sunday this little man turned 3.  He's grown so much in the last year I can't believe it.  I adore this kid.  He's such a joy in our family.  He is a feisty one.  When he is being sweet there is no cuter or more lovable kid on earth.  When he is being naughty and screaming?  There is no child more naughty!  I am so attached to him.  I find myself actually wanting to carry him from his bed to mine just so that I can snuggle up to him.  He is so loving and affectionate and he is obsessed with his mama.  I don't mind one bit (usually).    He talks and talks and has an amazing vocabulary and a cute sense of humor.  He is starting to become just a bit more adventurous.  I am head over heels in love with this boy.
We did a really simple, low-key party for him after church.  We had some fresh homemade veggie pizza and strawberries.  We had cake and ice cream too, of course.
Beckham greeted his guests like any good host screaming and running away? He eventually warmed up after he realized he wouldn't be kidnapped and his mom wouldn't abandon him.  The boy's social skills need some serious refining.
"Why would I even bother with that candle? You fools are letting me lick all of the frosting and do whatever I want to this cake.  I'm going to take my time with this..."
I love my Dad's face.  We were trying to get him to blow out his candle.  He eventually did...with help from his brother.  He blew and blew, but he blows through his teeth so he wasn't too successful.  It was so cute watching him try though.

He loved his gifts. He took his sweet time getting to them, just like he does with everything.  He is very methodical and likes to take everything slowly.  He didn't even know how to unwrap a present, and really wasn't interested in trying.  Once he realized Papa had the tool to get the trapped toys from their box, he thought he might as well open the present too.
 Beckham was beyond happy with the set of cars he got from Nana and Papa.  He has been carrying them around ever since.  He also got a fun car from his brother, and a sweet bike from Mom and Dad.  He was so excited about that little bell on the handle bars.  After just a few minutes with the bike he wasn't dropping it anymore and sort of figuring out how to move it a little.  It will take a bit of time, but I think he will get it down and love it.  It will be so good for him, too.
It's hard to believe three years ago this big boy was a tiny 5lb baby in the NICU.  He's grown so much.  I love you, my sweet little Becksie boy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

muck-and-mire on the mountain

 Two weeks ago I ran a 10k obstacle course with some of my favorite friends.  It was at Durango Mountain Resort, better known as Purgatory to locals.  I had the most fun time I think I have ever had in a race.  I imagined it being hilly, thinking maybe we would run on their cross country ski track.  We ran on the stinking downhill ski hill!  It was a beast.  We started the race running up, and we ran up and up and up.  But, what goes up must come down and that part was a blast.  We ran along the championship mountain bike trail and it was so beautiful.  I just kept telling Angie I could run on trails all day long.
The obstacles were pretty fun.  We climbed cargo nets, went through culverts, tunnels, up and over walls, across a slack line (let's just say that is a skill I have NOT mastered, at all), down a giant slip-and-slide, through a nasty mucky pond, and of course, through a mud pit.  I didn't have my garmin or music and I loved that. It was kind of fun having no idea how far we had run, how far we had to go, what our pace was, etc.  It was all about the fun and that is my kind of time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

our trip: I couldn't make this stuff up

After our fun adventures in San Diego, the whole group traveled up to Bellflower to see Grandma and attend cousin Brooke's wedding reception.  We had to swing by Dan and Ashley's to return the mother load they let us borrow.  As I shut the door I had the thought that maybe I should not leave the keys in the car...oh well, I'll just grab them later.  Being married to Matt--the king of locking, closing, turning off everything-- I really should know better...and I do.

We brought everything in and had a little extra time.  Beckham was dying on the vine and Kaden was wired having napped in the car.  He wanted to play with his new best friend Calvin.  I laid Beckham down while the other boys played outside.  I asked Matt to go get Beckhams "Money" from the car.  We had a great lunch and relaxing afternoon.  When it was time to leave in order to make it to Bellflower in time I went out to the car and sure enough, the doors were locked.  I could see the key smiling at me from the console. I really did just smile and shake my head.  Things were starting to just seem hilarious to me.

We decided to call Dan and Ash's insurance company.  It was totally Dan's idea so Ashley and I are claiming innocence on this one :). I know it's totally wrong to pretend it was their doing, but we really didn't have much of a choice.  At least that is what I tell myself.  I also thought our conversation with the Geico lady was funny and she probably thought we were nuts...but I tell you, you just can't make this stuff up.

ash:  Yeah, I just need someone to come out here to unlock my car.
Geico Lady: Okay, which car is it?
   I was impressed at Ashley's response.  I probably would have had an attack of conscience and blurted out the whole story, or just lied and named totally the wrong car. I am terrible at this kind of thing.
a: Well, it's actually not MY car.  It's my friend's.  I was driving it because she is here visiting and I've been taxiing them around. I locked her keys in and need to get her car back to her so she can continue her trip.
GL: Okay, well I am going to need to speak to your friend to make sure she actually did give you permission to drive her car.
Ash hands the phone to me.
GL: Hi Ma'am. I just need to know that Ms. Henry did indeed have permission to drive your car.
Me: Yes, she did.
GL: Okay, well does your car have roadside service on your insurance policy?
Me: I think it probably does, but I'm not sure.
GL: You aren't sure what coverage you have on your car?
Me: Well, it's actually not even MY car.  It's my husband's grandmother's car.  We are using it while on this trip. And it actually will be our car, but we haven't transferred it yet. 

GL: Okay.  She seemed confused and I'm not sure why she asked, was your husband driving this car at all, or does he have a key to it?
Me: Well actually, no.  My husband is disabled and doesn't drive.  I am the only driver, which is why my friend was helping me out.
GL: Alright Ma'am, I'm sorry for the stress on your vacation.  We will have someone out there in an hour.

She was actually really sweet but I am sure our story sounded ridiculous.  The tow man came out and used a very primitive, simple contraption much like a blood pressure cuff,  to get the door unlocked in about 3 seconds.  Ashley and I decided that maybe our next gig will be breaking into cars.

I was so worried about being late, or making people wait for us.  I felt so grateful when Traci-- probably sensing my near-breakdown-- told us to just take our time, get to Grandma's when we could, enjoy dinner, and a quiet house. It would have been great to go to the reception, but this took a lot of stress out of trying to get there in time and still happy.

The funny thing about this situation was that it actually turned out to be pretty good fortune for us.  It seems silly, and I was bummed to miss the reception, but there was definitely silver lining.  Beckham slept for almost 4 hours, and believe me, he needed it.  Kaden and Calvin got to play and run amok.  Dan's brother Steve was there, whom we haven't seen in 7 years.  He and Dan were installing ceiling fans.  Matt had the best time helping them and having real guy time.  He turned out to be pretty handy since he's a giant could reach the fan and hold things.  He ventured to the hardware store with them and had the best time.  It was a blessing in disguise to be there an extra few hours.  Matt really needs that time with people, in a quiet environment where he is heard, paid attention, and feels just like "one of the guys". 

I really was bummed to have to say goodbye to Dan and Ashley.  They helped make our trip even better and I am so, so glad that we got to spend so much time with them.  Kaden is still talking about his new friend Calvin.  They really could not have been more similar.  I loved how well they played and that their energy level matched.  Ashely and I were exhausted just watching them. We will definitely be crashing in on them again...and again :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

he got to!

Matt always had the need for speed.  He would blaze down the mountain on his skis as fast as he could.  His goal was to keep up with traffic when he rode his bike down State Street.  It made his new wife nervous, but he was confident and fun-loving.  He liked adventure.  When we were in Havasupai he would walk within millimeters of the edge of cliffs and high waterfalls, giving us all heart attacks.

I feel sad on a regular basis that Matt can't really do any of that anymore.  He lost a huge part of who he was, but still loves that adrenaline rush of speed and adventure.  When Keith told us he and Gabe were coming to our town for an adventure weekend I was happy for them, and a little sad for Matt.  I crossed my fingers that Matt might be able to participate in something.

On Saturday, Matt got to join them for a few hours of zip lining.  I'm so thankful.  I got report that the course was amazing and the views were great.  The guides were lenient with how they let them ride the lines.  Matt loved it.  I'm so glad that he got to move faster than 2 mph.

I just have to laugh at these pictures...typical Matt.  A water bottle in his back pocket and his pants falling off.
He's so cute.  It makes me so happy seeing these pictures and imagining the fun he was having.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There's a place along the river in Durango nicknamed Paradise.  It really is paradise.  It's a short walk along the paved river path, and then along a dirt trail beside the river.  It's beautiful with overgrown foliage, green trees, and the river flowing by.  Paradise isn't really a secret.  It's the coolest place with a beachy spot and a sand bar separating a still pool and the river.  The water is calm and the sand perfect for digging and creating.  There are giant rocks to climb on and the ground is forgiving and soft on little feet. Tubes and rafts constantly float by.  We were lucky and only had to share this special place with a few other people.
Kaden was instantly having the time of his life.  He splashed and sprayed water.  He made 50 trips across the water from beach to beach.  Beckham, true to form, took a while to warm up.  I carried him across the water and set him up a nice little spot on a towel.  He didn't have to touch the sand, he had snacks and a drink, and was perfectly content watching Kaden and I play in the sand and water.  He loved watching all of the boats go by and thought their water fights were hilarious.  Silly little boy. 
I just can't get enough of watching Kaden play.  He is so full of life!  His energy and excitement are incredible.  He kept saying, "Mama, thanks so much for bringing me here! I love this place. I want to come again and again and again.  I'm having so much fun! This is the best day ever!"  He makes me feel so good.
Beckham eventually warmed up and decided to dip his toes and poke at the sand.  He didn't get too involved, but said, "Bettham so happy at the beach!"  He keeps asking to go back, so he must have loved it more than he let on.
LOVE that little belly.
Kaden spent tons of time just jumping from rock to rock.  He is so strong and coordinated and seems to never tire.

Beckham was so tired.  I had to carry him most of the way back to the car.  My arms were about to break off.  I loved this little afternoon spent with my boys.  The effort put into these things is always worth it in the end.  They were so happy.  I was so happy.  We will definitely go back again and again.
These two boys are so, so different. The things Kaden loves most are the things that make Beckham nervous. I love their differences, but I have learned to expect things to be tricky at times. Kaden isn't always going to understand why Beckham doesn't want to be adventurous with him. Kaden gets sad when Becks isn't the playmate he is expecting. Beckham isn't always going to feel comfortable with our activities and he will probably scream and make a fuss to let us know. I am trying to learn to go with the flow and just let it unfold and work itself out. It always seems to. Eventually Beckham realizes things are safe and he joins in on the fun. Kaden is great at creating his own fun, and I am trying hard to balance being active with Kaden while calming Beckham. It's a tricky juggling act, but I love it.