Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pics of Silverton

These are some picture of Silverton...where we went for the bike race. It is BEAUTIFUL there.

Iron Horse Bike Race

On Saturday we drove 50 miles north of Durango to Silverton. It's a tiny mining town up in the mountains at about 10,000 feet. It is so beautiful. The drive was spectacular. We went up to watch the cyclists finish the Iron Horse bike race. The racers start in Durango and ride to Silverton over two mountain passes...and HUGE climbs! They try to beat the train (Durango and Silverton Narrowgage Railroad). Last year we went and Matt's uncle Sterling and his team road. We know a lot of people who race, so it's fun to cheer everyone on. Some of the athletes are AMAZING...actually all of them are, I am not sure I would even finish that race. It was a lot of fun. Silverton has a cute little main street with lots of tourist shops and restaurants. All of the houses are a Victorian style and painted pastel colors. I wish I would've gotten more pictures. It was a fun time, and Matt loved it too. He is really interested in bicycling and had fun watching and cheering. We miss you there Ster!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a FUN Birthday!!!!!

Matt and I went on a fun walk...we went SO far! He is doing so great with walking. This is the beautiful place we live, I LOVE IT!

I think he LOVES me!

Handsome Handsome man...and a beautiful view.

I'm not the best photographer

My new hat...I know I'm a nerd.

With Matt and my Dad

I LOVE CHOCOLATE (well, anything sweet for that matter) Each Candle = 3

I turned 24!!!!! I am so old!!!! I had the best birthday. My cute grandma, uncle, aunt and cousin came for the holiday weekend. I got lots of stuff for my new "project". I am working on our yard and flower gardens. I am trying my hand out on the green thumb thing...not sure I have what it takes, but I will learn as I kill things I am sure! Matt gave me the best present ever...he wrote me a sentimental note (I am mush for those things) and it was so sweet...he even told me he loves me more than computers, how stuff works, and FOOD. WOW, I really AM SPECIAL!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOVES the bath!

Kaden loves taking baths. He splashes around so much I think I might get just as wet as he does.

The open mouth in these pictures is because Kaden gets SO excited he just kicks and makes noise and wiggles his's so cute.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visit to Utah

Kaden and Aunt Nicole

With the girls (and little boy) at Thanksgiving Point

Matt with his Mom

Grammy and Kaden

Sleeping boy....he doesn't do this anymore

Kaden and Uncle Trevor

Kaden with Aunt Kara

These pictures are from our trip to Utah about a month ago. It was the first time Kara and Trevor met Kaden. We had a fun time at Thanksgiving Point's "Festival of Tulips". It was absolutely beautiful. It was great to see Matt's family.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

All Tuckered Out

Our sweet friends Andrea and Matt were in town for a few days. It was so great to see them...we wish they'd move back here!!! We walked over to the pizza place for lunch, and this is how we found Kaden when we got there.....

It was the cutest thing, and that blue part by his mouth was SOAKED (he usually sucks on it). He is the worst napper....he hates to miss out on the excitement of the day and refuses to nap longer than 30 minutes...unless he's in the car. I guess he just couldn't stay awake any longer. It looks a bit uncomfortable to me, but he slept that way for quite a while. I LOVE HIM!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Kaden loved the track meet....maybe someday he's going to be the star!

It was a beautiful day. We had to bathe in sunscreen, but it felt SO good to feel HOT!

So happy in his swing

This totally cracks me up...they're making the SAME face!

First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you wonderful mommies! YAY! I had the BEST day today and felt so happy. It still feels weird that I am actually someone's mom. I LOVE IT! Church was wonderful and the RS and primary kids sang a sweet song and I actually started crying like a baby! It was so cute I couldn't help it. I am so happy to have my baby. I can't imagine life without him! Matt was so sweet too, he told me all day "happy mother's day, babe." He kept telling me how wonderful I am, how much he and Kaden love me, etc. It was so sweet...a boost for sure! I think I may be tricking them both...

Saturday we went to the Regional Track meet here in Bayfield. It was so much fun. I found myself wishing I was out there running. Track used to be my passion and sort of my identity. I came to my senses though, and realized that between injuries, general laziness, and having a baby, I couldn't run even if I tried. HA. I love it though, and hope someday I will be able to do it again.

Sorry for the break in updates, we were very busy this week, but nothing too exciting. I worked a lot and that was a blessing. Kaden and I met a bunch of mommies at the park. I am SO happy, there are about 6 other couples our age here, and we are all great friends. We meet periodically and it is so fun to have friends here. I think it's funny I hang out with other married girls with kids...I still feel like I am not even old enough to have a baby and to be doing the "mommy thing". Matt's still been keeping busy working and being my little slave....I have him raking our yard...a never-ending task. Life is fun and we are so happy summer is arriving!

Friday, May 4, 2007

A little sunshine on a gloomy day

At Pizza Hut on my brothers birthday (4/29)

He's all smiles....

Impish little grin...

Kaden was all smiles on his play mat. It's been so gloomy and blah outside the past few days, it sort of gets depressing! But, moments like these brighten the day and make me smile. Kaden was being so funny he had me laughing so hard. It's so cute too, because when I laugh he laughs and giggles and thinks it's so hilarious. I do the silliest things to get him to laugh too, and Matt just looks at me like I am from another planet. Even on days when we are cooped up inside, we find something fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Action shot....Matt's become a lefty!

Matt playing frisbee with some friends, Will and Trent

Kaden's little friend Danica (she's 20 months)

I thought Kaden might be too small for this swing but he LOVED it!

This is SO CUTE!

All of us at Coldstone...The Woods, Hoffmans, Newhalls, and Webbers. Look at all those cute little kids!

Yesterday was Matt's 26th birthday and we had a blast! One thing I love about birthdays is all the wonderful food you are allowed to eat, ALL DAY. We totally pigged out on junk and it was wonderful! I made him his favorite breakfast-eggs, bacon, pancakes, Oj...a real feast! Then we went outside for a walk; the weather was beautiful. When we got back we sat on our porch on our "air chairs" and enjoyed listening to the birds and just talking with each other. My mom came by with a homemade cake and some presents. After our lunch we ate cake and Matt opened his gifts. He got some computer games, DVD's, a nalgene water bottle, gift cards, and money. It's hard to know what to get for him but he loved everything. In the evening we went into Durango and met up with some friends at the park. I told Matt he could get dinner anywhere he wanted...and of all places he chose Wendy's! We got it to go and headed over to the park. After dinner we let the kids play on the playground and the guys played frisbee and football. It was perfect weather to be outside, and Matt loved to socialize with other guys. It was so nice because they are cool to Matt and treat him completely normally and like he's just "one of the guys" Which, he is of course. Sometimes people don't quite know how to act around him, so it's great for him to have such great friends. Afte the park we went to Coldstone to have a delicious birthday treat. It was the best day...Happy birthday to my handsome man!!!!