Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Blow-up Bouncy Castle"

Kaden's friend Danica just turned 3, and her mommy Marisa is quite the party thrower. She got the awsome bouncy thing, and the kids were in Heaven for HOURS. I posted a bunch of pictures, but I cannot get over how funny they are. The kids are flying all over the place, squealing like piglets, and their hair is sticking straight up. It was just as entertaining for me, I think. The progression of the photos and their faces are hilarious (even though the pictures didn't turn out great).

Kaden hasn't quite figured out the jumping thing, so he spent a lot of time just rolling around. He tried running through, dancing, and he came up with this funny march. So, jumping wasn't a necessary talent.

Then the daddys got in and it got about 100X more fun.

Matt looks like he is about to pulverize Kaden. Luckily, they both made it out safely.

FUN was had by all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I scream, you scream...


Happy 3rd birthday, Danica!

Teryk and Kaden

hah! Teryk is caught in the act of stealing the toppings. After this he grabbed a spoon and ate the m&m's like cereal. Mmm, mmmm!

"What should I attack next?" And, of course, leave it to Kaden to clean up everyone else's left-overs. He snatched the extra half-eaten cupcakes from the other bowls and shoveled them in...should I be worried?!?!

Kidlets at their own table. They had so much fun together.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pot-Bellied-Candy Corn

On a side note...this sweetie, without fail, has said "daaaa chyoo" (thank you) every single time I have changed his poopy diaper in the last few weeks...and not once was he promted. That's love right there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The grace of God

I have been checking this website every couple of days, to check up on the Nielson family. I just have to say, that I have totally fallen in love with this little lady, and her precious family. There is something so real about her, about her zest for life and things that are truly important. The way she tells things so candidly, with such a sweet sense of humor. She seems to be so true to herself, what she loves, and it is evident that she is full of passion and love. I just am magnetized toward people like this.

The reason I mention this, is that through reading their story, a flood of memories and emotions return to me. Nie (Stephanie) and her "Mr. Nielson" were in a plane crash that left them both critically burned. They have four beautiful children and my prayers are with them. As I read the updates her sister writes, I cannot help but feel empathy and love. Her sister, Courtney, tries to see the positive, to have faith, and to hope for the best, while still telling the truth of the events transpiring. The way she writes is absolutely beautiful and I cannot help but shed tears as I can feel the emotion in her words. I feel for this family, and they are in my thoughts frequently. I wish them the miracles they are hoping for.

The incredible blessing of God's grace will always abide with those who are pained, who suffer a loss, who are in the shadow of the unknown. He will always, ALWAYS, carry us with His all-knowing, strong yet gentle, omnipotent hand. He sees what we cannot, and if we let Him guide and carry us, He will always lead us to what is best. Despite the despair we may be in, His grace can erase much of that pain, and replace if with peace and comfort. It can, and it will, if we have the faith to let it.

I am reminded of the months following our accident. The memories are not of sadness however, but of peace, warmth, and something I just can't find words to explain. In the most harrowing and scary time of my life, I felt the closest to my savior, to my father in Heaven, and to an actual tangible, warm feeling. I let my mind wander to that time, and the only way I can even put words to the feeling is by likening it to a blizzard. The winds are blowing, the snow falling, the temperatures freezing, but I am there with the thickest, warmest coat imagineable, completely encirlcled in its warmth. I am still in the storm, it rages aroud me, and sometimes I feel the biting cold, but mostly, I feel the warmth that will never leave. And I know now, that it will NEVER leave.

Friday, September 19, 2008

If I had lots of money...

I would buy a fancy camera, lenses, the works. I would take every class I could find and read books and magazines. I have always loved photography. I have loved the classes that I have taken, and I love to look at fantastic photos. I would rather decorate my house with beautiful pictures than with paintings or drawings. It's become quite a trend to start up on photography... and I would join this trend. Not professionally, but as a hobby. But, until I have lots of money and extra time, I will just take pictures with my point and shoot. I will take pictures of my handy little model and show them to everyone. Not necessarily for anyone else, but for my own pure joy. I will hang my photos, professional or not, all over my walls, and I will obsess over them every day. Just as I obsess over this beautiful child, EVERY DAY.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He still does it....

He still sticks his lip out as far as possible when he is sad. I still think it's the cutest thing ever.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where did he come from?

I walked into Kaden's room after he had been sleeping for...get this....4 HOURS! The miracle nap! This never, ever, EVER happens. I always make a big deal out of him when he wakes up and he was particularly excited to see me this time. He just giggled, talked, and smiled. I cannot resist his sweet, happy disposition. I am wondering where he came from...

I wish I was always this happy when I wake up!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hiking Timp.

We spent the last week up in Utah and had such a fun time. On Saturday I ventured up mount Timpanogos with Andrea and her Matt. It's a little over 14 miles and is beautiful. I have hiked it several times before, usually running the last 4 or so miles down. This time, I felt like an old arthritic woman the last 4 miles! I haven't really done anything this long in years, and my joints could feel it. Matt was laughing at me the entire time and the funny way I was hopping down and trying to make as little impact on my poor legs as possible. It was great nonetheless, and I absolutely loved spending the day outside, enjoying the surrounding beauty.

Andrea and Matt
It was FREEZING up there!

This picture is a re-enactment of one I have with Andrea and my Matt. We hiked Timp a few weeks after I met Matt and took a picture just like this one. I miss doing things like this with him, but he is doing more all the time and I am grateful for that. The hike was great and I am glad to say I have no lingering problems!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I take too many pictures...

Tubing down the Animas

The other day a few ladies from the ward got together and we went tubing down the river. It was a warm, beautiful day, and the river was relaxing. We had such a great time.

Susan and Lori

Tiffany is hilarious. She kept getting behind, and drifting to the side. So she decided to get a make-shift ore. She was the main source of our entertainment.

All of us after the trip. These ladies are so fun to be around and it was really nice to get together, chat and giggle.