Monday, April 30, 2012

mr. curious

 We just had Traci, Nicole, and Connor here to help us in our yard.  Kaden was in Heaven running around getting more dirty than he has ever been, which is really saying something.  He found some sprinkler pieces and decided it would be the best idea to make binoculars.  I went in the house to try to glue them together and Nicole said, "ahh, you are such a good mom." I definitely don't always believe that, and I was at first surprised to hear her say that in this particular moment, but it is true that the little extra moments spent making a little person happy are usually the most important ones.  Despite other things I could have been doing, taking 10 minutes to glue some PVC pipe together was the most important thing at that moment.  I know that I definitely don't always prioritize right, or spend enough time or focus enough attention on the truly important things in life, but I do try to always remind myself to make the most of the little moments.  I know that those are the things my kids will remember.  I want them to always feel like they are important, what they have to say matters to me, and that I am never too busy to spend 10 minutes making their day.

Kaden has always made funny faces, but he is taking them to a new level.  He has decided to make a hobby of becoming a statue.  He will make a funny face in the most awkward pose and just stand there not moving.  He thinks it is awesome and will do it repeatedly all day long, even at the grocery store, mall, gym, etc.  If I talk to him, he quickly reminds me that statues can't talk.
Kaden is curious.  All day long he asks what every word means, every phrase, and then asks how to say it in Spanish.  If we don't know he just can't take that answer. He is persistent and just has to know everything right now.  It can get tricky figuring out how to explain something in simple terms, or defining something without using the actual word.

He and Matt have been having little nightly conversations for weeks.  I absolutely love this.  Matt loves to teach but his teaching becomes more of a lecture, and usually Kaden checks out long before Matt is done explaining.  He is too busy thinking of the next thing, running to the next act of mischief, or asking the next question.  In the evenings it's different.  At night, after prayers, Matt sits on Kaden's bed and they talk and talk.  They would talk all night long if I let them.  I have been pretty lenient with bedtime though, because I feel like this bonding is so important. They usually talk for over 45 minutes.  Kaden actually listens, asks questions, and remembers what his daddy says.  I love listening.  Kaden says, "hey Dad, let's talk about space....Hey Dad, let's talk about icebergs....Hey Dad, let's talk about love....Hey Dad, let's talk about the globe..."  Kaden really listens and learns.  It warms my heart like nothing else.
He is such a little goofball.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

the best job in the world

It comes as no surprise that this sweet video gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes.  It is beautiful.  I remember my mom supporting absolutely everything I did, and she still does.  She is my biggest fan. She has always been the one I run to when I am excited, grateful, sad, confused, or scared.  She has always been the one I want to share my greatest triumphs and sadness with.  As I raise my boys, I learn an entirely new level of love.  I can't begin to quantify my feelings for the precious children I am responsible for. I am so proud of them and couldn't be more grateful for the hardest job, yet best job in the world.
(click on the link on the top of the video to watch it full screen. For some reason it doesn't seem to be able to open full screen from the blog)

Friday, April 27, 2012


I really wish there was a way just to see how many times a day this boy gets kissed. I'm sure it would be in the hundreds.  It's compulsive on my part; I just can't help myself.  Half the time it's reflexive and I don't even realize I am smothering the poor boy.  He gets mauled and nearly eaten day in and day out. I am head over heals for this sweetheart.
He is such a handsome little man. That sweet squished up smile! His brother has taught him the "cheeeeese" thing quite well. Man, Becks is precious.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

i met baby afton

and I nearly stole her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

it's a crazy house

It's tough to take pictures that aren't blurry when the boys are rolling around like little crazy people (especially when I dont' pay attention to my camera setting! ugggh!).  It was a noisy, laughter-filled, squealing wrestling match.  We have quite a loud house and a noisy yard, whether it be laughter, tears, screaming, or playing. I sometimes wonder what our neighbors are thinking...
And I just had to post this, because I seriously feel like this all of the time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bubbles are magic

The boys spent an hour chasing the bubble train around the kitchen. Bubbles are magical and a good go-to when boredom hits.  Plus, it soaped up my floor nicely so I had to mop.  I have to have something to force me to mop because I hate it.  I love watching those boys play and laugh together.  They are so different and definitely have their little fights, but they love each other.  Kaden usually gets screamed at for being too loving and affectionate toward Beckham.  He is so in love with his little brother and really looks out for him whenever I have to leave them somewhere.  Beckham is always looking for Kaden and trying to do whatever he is doing.  Today I couldn't keep him off the soccer field when Kaden was practicing.  He just wants to be one of the big boys.  I love that he is developing a small sense of adventure.  He is trying new things and pushing his little body. I am so proud of the things he is learning.  I think his stubbornness and feisty personality are going to benefit him and make up for any physical deficit he might have.  I love watching these two becoming closer and the best of friends.
Beckham was scolding me when I took this picture," No Mama. No touchy Mommy's tamera!" At least he has learned it isn't to be touched. I gave them short haircuts the other day.  It always makes them look so much older.  I love that they don't have out of control bedhead every morning.  Little boy's hair is already turning so blond from just being in the sun a few days. 
They are just so adorable I can hardly stand it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

a little 5k scramble

Today I met up with a bunch of friends to run in a fun "scramble" 5k.  It was part of the big Easter celebration at the park. I hadn't planned on running since our awful bug, but some friends convinced me and it ended up being a good time.  I could definitely feel the heaviness in my lungs from being sick, but the little race was really fun.  I loved having lots of friends running; I will do anything for a social adventure.  We snapped a bunch of pictures at the end and stuck around for an awards ceremony.  I was about 20 seconds behind the first girl.  I was really wishing I had pushed past her when they handed out a camelback for her prize!
I love these cute little running families. 
Don't those two look like they are having the time of their lives?
I really just could not get enough of sweet Gunner's chubby cheeks.  What a little ham.
Garret was all tuckered out after his race.  What a sweetheart.  These little community runs are always so much fun, especially in a small town.  It's fun to see everyone, cheer for each other, and enjoy the snacks at the end.  I guess it's becoming clear that I run for the friends and the food.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

this is us

We are silly and goofy.  I love pictures that show a little personality and we've got quite a lot of that around here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

beautiful afton

Andrea and Justin welcomed precious little Afton Rose on March 22. She was 7lbs, 19 inches. She was a week late, perfectly happy and healthy. She is so beautiful and I can't wait to meet her.