Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Salt and Pepper

Kaden and Kendall

Boy, Girl.
Ginormous, Teeny-Tiny.
Porcelain White, Chocolate Brown.
Both feisty, silly, and full of energy.

I watched Kendall yesterday so her mom could get things done. Michelle watches Kaden for me when I'm in a bind and she's always so happy to do it. These two kids are only 2 months apart but you'd never know it. They were so funny together; kept me entertained all day.
Love those big brown eyes.

They wrestled, tickled and gave raspberries. Her tiny size didn't stop her from dominating.

This is a horrible picture, but it's the only action shot I got. They literally RAN around the island in the kitchen for 20 minutes.

Come play again soon little girl.

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