Monday, September 22, 2008

The grace of God

I have been checking this website every couple of days, to check up on the Nielson family. I just have to say, that I have totally fallen in love with this little lady, and her precious family. There is something so real about her, about her zest for life and things that are truly important. The way she tells things so candidly, with such a sweet sense of humor. She seems to be so true to herself, what she loves, and it is evident that she is full of passion and love. I just am magnetized toward people like this.

The reason I mention this, is that through reading their story, a flood of memories and emotions return to me. Nie (Stephanie) and her "Mr. Nielson" were in a plane crash that left them both critically burned. They have four beautiful children and my prayers are with them. As I read the updates her sister writes, I cannot help but feel empathy and love. Her sister, Courtney, tries to see the positive, to have faith, and to hope for the best, while still telling the truth of the events transpiring. The way she writes is absolutely beautiful and I cannot help but shed tears as I can feel the emotion in her words. I feel for this family, and they are in my thoughts frequently. I wish them the miracles they are hoping for.

The incredible blessing of God's grace will always abide with those who are pained, who suffer a loss, who are in the shadow of the unknown. He will always, ALWAYS, carry us with His all-knowing, strong yet gentle, omnipotent hand. He sees what we cannot, and if we let Him guide and carry us, He will always lead us to what is best. Despite the despair we may be in, His grace can erase much of that pain, and replace if with peace and comfort. It can, and it will, if we have the faith to let it.

I am reminded of the months following our accident. The memories are not of sadness however, but of peace, warmth, and something I just can't find words to explain. In the most harrowing and scary time of my life, I felt the closest to my savior, to my father in Heaven, and to an actual tangible, warm feeling. I let my mind wander to that time, and the only way I can even put words to the feeling is by likening it to a blizzard. The winds are blowing, the snow falling, the temperatures freezing, but I am there with the thickest, warmest coat imagineable, completely encirlcled in its warmth. I am still in the storm, it rages aroud me, and sometimes I feel the biting cold, but mostly, I feel the warmth that will never leave. And I know now, that it will NEVER leave.


Dan & Ashley said...

I have been following this family as well. I loved this post that you did about them and you put everything so well. It has brought back a lot of memories for me too as I've followed their situation. I've been overwhelmed with gratitude and reminders of all that we have. You two are miracles in my life! I love you guys and miss you!

Tomber's Heaven said...

Jess that is so beautiful. You're such an amazing strength to me and I know I can always count on you to remind me of what's really important in life. Thank you for your sweet spirit. I love you!

Brittany said...

I know I know I know. Seriously. I am so in love with her blog, the way she blogs... she is such an amazing person. Such a cute and fun mom. I love their life- its so inspiring to see what she would do with the family, the kinds of events she came up with. Did you see the little fortunes they made for the people of Mesa? I loved that. I want to be just like her. I remember reading about the themed "BE PREPARED" dinner in honor of the little girls starting school and then her sister writing about how Nie Nie was inspired to keep her family prepared knowing nothing about what was soon to happen to them. I couldn't stop crying when I read that entry. I feel so much love for their family, they are amazing examples of staying close to the lord at all times and not just when something tragic happens. I think about them almost every day.

Jodi Jean said...

beautiful post. i've been following nie as well.