Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hiking Timp.

We spent the last week up in Utah and had such a fun time. On Saturday I ventured up mount Timpanogos with Andrea and her Matt. It's a little over 14 miles and is beautiful. I have hiked it several times before, usually running the last 4 or so miles down. This time, I felt like an old arthritic woman the last 4 miles! I haven't really done anything this long in years, and my joints could feel it. Matt was laughing at me the entire time and the funny way I was hopping down and trying to make as little impact on my poor legs as possible. It was great nonetheless, and I absolutely loved spending the day outside, enjoying the surrounding beauty.

Andrea and Matt
It was FREEZING up there!

This picture is a re-enactment of one I have with Andrea and my Matt. We hiked Timp a few weeks after I met Matt and took a picture just like this one. I miss doing things like this with him, but he is doing more all the time and I am grateful for that. The hike was great and I am glad to say I have no lingering problems!


Kara said...

Wow, that is really beautiful! 14 miles?? My joints would have been aching too- if I could have even made it that far! Glad you got to do it and had fun with Andrea.

Tomber's Heaven said...

How fun! It looks breathtaking! I miss you both tons! Love you!

Jodi Jean said...

holy crap!!! 14 miles ... yikes! GOOD JOB!!!