Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who is really in charge here?

Since we've been in our house a bad habit has formed. The little rascal just won't stay in his be all night. Around 12 and 4 on the dot, I hear footsteps running through the kitchen. Then a little boy bursts into our room and greets us, "Good mornin'!"

I absolutely love to snuggle with Kaden and I love having him in our bed. I am also so comfy and lazy at 4 am that I don't want to drag him back to his room, so I got into the habit of just letting him lay with us. I think that is why his internal alarm clock is now going off on a regular basis.

He is a squirmy one though. He hogs the covers and my pillow. He tosses and turns and often uses Matt's stomach as his pillow. The bed just isn't big enough for the tree of us. Between he and Matt, I am usually struggling to stay on the bed.

So now I am trying to break the cycle. It's hard for me to carry him back to his own bed. He usually doesn't even put up a fight, but I WANT him with me. I want him to kick and squirm all night, to steal my pillow and push me off the bed. I want to relinquish my space and good night's sleep.

Even though he's been denied his nightly privileges, I can still count on him coming in at 7 to say, "good mornin!" and to cover my face with his sweet kisses. I can live with that.


Heidi Maloy said...

That was exactly Zach's schedule for awhile too... it is SO hard to get out of the comfy bed to put them back... but the morning wake up call is great isn't it! Glad you guys are well.

Scott and Cindy said...

I just checked in to see how you guys are doing - congrats on the pregnancy!! Having two is pretty fun, I must say :). It looks like you guys are doing great!