Monday, July 11, 2011


Every week a group of moms and our kids get together for picnicking, tubing, talking, and playing. It's so much fun. Our ages vary from 20-40something, and the kids from newborn to 15. We pack our lunches, towels, chairs, tubes, and whatever else we can think of and set up camp for the afternoon. I love it; the kids love it. Kaden is big enough this year to ride in the tube by himself. He loves the tube, but has even more fun in the tree. He spends the majority of his time on a limb watching all the other kids tube underneath him. He's such a monkey. Beckham loves the tube too, but he seems more interested in the snacks that I bring. His very favorite spot is on a big rock in the middle of the water. We sit there together and splash and he cheers "YAY!" and claps as kids float by. It's one of our very favorite times of the week when we get to soak up summer.

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Jen and Allen said...

I love the one of him swinging on the branch. So fun... how do you keep from burning. I have to do SPF 95 every hour or I burn peal and freckel some more.