Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't turn your back on a little Rascal

And here he is....caught in the act! I was sewing Kaden's quilt and he was sitting on the floor right next to me. We had music playing and he was just jabbering away. Then he got a little bit quiet...never a good sign. I could see that he was getting into the picnic basket. There were so many fun goodies in there! He entertained himself with the bright green cups, plates, and utensils for quite a while...then, he found something much more interesting and tasty! A whole bag of "Pixy Stix". I looked over at him when he had been quiet for too long...and there was colored sugar EVERYWHERE. He was covered, and the kitchen floor even more covered. It was too cute...the only bad thing is that I had just swept and mopped the entire kitchen (it's my least favorite chore). So, I did it all again. It was worth it, seeing his happy sugar-covered face.

Yesterday I was trying to catch up on Medical Transcription for a few hours. Kaden is the best at entertaining himself, and I love that I am able to get so much done (usually). He made quite the mess, but was very content for nearly two hours. I would take a break here and there and play with him for a bit, then get back to work. We always have music on, and he just dances and dances. It was so fun to watch him play and giggle. LOVE this kid!

His shirt has his name on it, "Rascal".


Kara said...

That's funny and so cute! How nice that he entertains himself so well. Nathan has that same camo 4-wheeling shirt!

Dan & Ashley said...

Those are such cute pictures! What a precious little boy! I love hearing all your stories, it is so fun to see Kaden growing up, just wish we could see him in person!! Jess and Matt, I have been thinking of you so very much lately, more than usual even (which is already a lot!) and I've been meaning to call or write--I've just been such a slacker. I miss you both dearly and truly hope you are doing well. Your pictures are beautiful and I love to see your smiles. I know things aren't always easy, but please know how much we love you and care about you guys! I read your blog religiously even though I haven't been very good about commenting lately! I'm so excited to see all your summer pictures--I know how much you love summer Jess! We are hopefully going to make it up there this summer for a good long vacation!! I will definitely let you know before we make any plans to be sure you'll be around. We love you guys so much and I will call soon! You all look great and Jess you are just so beautiful! I love your long hair!! Miss you! - Ash

Jodi Jean said...

kaden sounds so much like my own little aidan, he always gets into everything and my living room is constantly strewn with toys. hehe, but i agree, it's totally worth it to see their smiling faces!!