Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boring-est blog on the block

Cause we've been pretty unexciting lately.
Matt is working at Walmart as a greeter. It is a perfect "starting off" job for him. He loves it and people enjoy seeing him there so much. He catches the bus from our house and rides it home. It is so convenient. He is feeling so good about his independence and bringing home a paycheck. I can't explain how good this has been for him (and us).

When we are apart all day I am so much more excited to see him in the evenings. We have been putting Kaden to bed early and then we just hang out together. The evenings have ALWAYS been the best time for us. We have our best chats, biggest laughs, and I cherish the time. Today we even busted out the camera and took silly pictures like we used to. These are just a few of 'em.

We're babysitting my momma's dog. Tonight I enjoyed watching Toby and Ali play. I am 19 weeks today and had an appointment and will have the ultrasound next week. I still hardly remember I am pregnant this time around. There are too many other things going on. I am excited to find out what we are having....I'm not one that can even think about letting it be a surprise, although I wish I could! It'll be a surprise anyway right?!?!

On a side note. I am giving Spring another chance. Kaden wore shorts today. I wore my yellow "easter egg" shirt, a skirt, and these shoes. I felt so happy and spring-y.

It better be for real this time...

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Team Avarell said...

You are not boring!! At least you are good about keeping up with new posts...I am terrible!!! We are so excited for Matt and his job; it is just fantastic and I can't wait to hear what you are having!