Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puffed up

My self-esteem should never suffer as long as I have Kaden and Matt. They are so good to me. I have loved spending my days with Kaden. He says the most hilarious things.

Today, while I was getting ready, he was in his usual spot standing on the counter, drawing on the mirror with a bar of soap. Out of the blue he said, "ahhh mama, you are SO perfect". Made my day.

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Tyrell said...

Hey Jessica...thanks of the comments. I actually just learned how to make the pictures bigger from cjane. I upload them onto photobucket.com and resize them. (I have to size them down) and then copy and paste the big long url address into the body of your post. Its a few extra steps but I love the big pictures much better. Also my blog is set to the widest setting which helps.Congrats on baby #2!