Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beckham update

The tiny boy is doing quite well. He is still in the NICU and will most likely not come home until at least a week after his birthday. I am anxious to be able to bring him home and resume life in our own cozy place.
The biggest issue for him right now is just learning to eat and digest. He has figured out how to suck and loves the pacifier. Beckham has received a few small feedings (of only a few cc's) and he hadn't been able to digest any of it until today. Today, he is slowly digesting, so that is a great sign. I am sure he will catch on very soon, since daddy and brother eat me out of house and home! Until he catches on, he is mostly tube-fed through an IV. He is also a bit jaundiced, so he spends his days stretched out, basking in the purple light. These are normal things for preemies and it just takes time. Howcome everything has to "take time"? I am much happier with instant gratification :)

He gets stronger every day. I can't wait to take the little guy home and snuggle him whenever I want to.


Team Avarell said...

I am so glad he is doing so well!!! He is just adorable and I am excited for you to get to take him home soon too!!

brooke b said...

I agree, instant gratification is so much more "gratifying!" I remember thinking that same thing when Tyler was in the NICU for 6 days--I just wanted him home! He is precious and you look great!

Josephine and Aaron said...

He is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!!! I love the name Beckham and it seems to fit him perfectly. I hope you are feeling and doing well.

Tara & Chris said...

He is an "Angel" and a fighter just like the rest of your family.
You are very blessed.
I love all your pictures and updates. Make sure to get some rest.

The Red Crew said...

Holy Cow! Congrats Congrats Congrats! He is so beautiful you guys. I love all of his mysterious dark hair. And i love the pic of Kaden holding him. Hope all is well, and we'll pray for the little man Beckham to be able to eat and digest. Love you guys!

Lisa and Rustin said...

Keep up the good work Beckham!!
He's so handsome!