Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunshine Jungle

I can't wait to have a beautiful yard. I can't wait for lush, green grass. I am excited to be rid of mud, weeds, grasshoppers, and sticker-bushes. I am excited to play outside, rolling around on the lawn, shaded by a few trees. We are starting on that process this week, and although I am quite excited, I will miss the current landscaping we have.

A few months ago sunflowers started to slowly pop up. Now, our ENTIRE yard is full of them. It is literally a jungle. Some are over 6 feet tall, and each plant is loaded with beautiful, yellow, happy flowers. They completely surround the whole house. The interesting thing is that our yard is the ONLY one in the subdivision with these flowers. There are quite a few lots around us that have yet to be landscaped, but they just have brown, dry, yucky weeds.

I am SO happy with my yellow, flowered weeds. I will actually miss looking out to a jungle of bright, sun-shiny flowers. I think they popped up just for me, to make me happy and remind me of sunshine. I love them.

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Angie said...

That is too funny! Of all the flowers you get to have sunflowers! That's just perfect but I am sure you are excited to let your two boys run crazy outside in the grass. I am excited to meet the little Beckham (I love that name).