Monday, March 26, 2012

funny expressions

I think the thing I love best about having a good, quick camera is all of the little expressions I can catch.  Kids are so expressive and always moving so fast that it's hard to capture those little things.  I love looking back at the candid pictures the most.  The ones where the little pieces of personality show through, the little expressions that I don't ever want to forget. 

Beckham makes the silliest faces.  The other night he was tasting something that he didn't really like and he squished up his entire face.  He kept tasting over and over and making the face every time.  I really wish I would have caught that one.  He has the cheesy grin down to an art and pouts with the best of them.
Even though he is good at the fake pout, the real crocodile tears always yank at my heart strings.

The boy falls asleep in his high chair multiple times a week.  He is the sloooowest eater ever.  I can't believe how long he takes to eat his food.  He enjoys every bite.   The other day I was tickling him and he was laughing hysterically. Through his laughter he kept saying, "I so haappyy!" It was the cutest thing. Beckham has the fake crying/wailing thing down to an art. It's so exaggerated that it is actually funny.  I love the little things about my kids that make them who they are. I never want to forget the simple things.

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