Thursday, March 1, 2012

stuck inside

The other day it was pretty much blizzarding outside.  (Blizzarding should be a real word.)  It was so windy and cold.  We were racking our brains, or rather I was racking mine, trying to figure out how to keep ourselves entertained all day.  Beckham does well with down time. He is easily entertained and is mellow.  Kaden on the other hand is anything but mellow.  This winter has been a bit of a challenge.  He just needs things to channel his energy and keeping him engaged in something all day is exhausting.  He actually is very easily entertained, but it usually includes jumping and climbing on and off everything, including me, making a lot of noise, and it really just seems like he needs a gymnasium to play in where he can run free.  It will be nice when the weather is nice enough to be outside all day. Despite the fact that he can run me ragged, I absolutely love the energy he has and I never want to squelch it.

While it was blowing outside the boys got the idea to set up their tent and tunnel.  They brought out sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets.  They trashed the living room, but played for the longest time together. The tent was swaying and bouncing all over the place.  The tunnel looked alive. They were having as much fun as they have ever had together.  I loved hearing their giggles and squeals.  These two are so different and I am sure will have much different interests growing up.  It completely warms my heart to see them playing and laughing together and to listen to the beginnings of their conversations.  They love each other so much. 

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Tyrell said...

I especially love the second to last picture!

I love hearing about Kaden... I feel like everything you write about him is almost like a 'fortune teller' telling me how Everett will be. They are so similar despite the huge age gap. We took Everett to the little gym last night and he had a blast and shocked us with his energy, balance, and strength. He loved running around and being so physical... he cried the whole way home!