Tuesday, May 22, 2012

intro to summertime

A few days ago we went on a little hiking adventure with my friend Lacy and her little boy Garret.  It was a perfect start to summer.  We only went a few miles--which after carrying Beckham in the backpack is as far as I might be willing to pack him around this summer.  Kaden was all over the place.  His face and nose were yellow from all of his dandelion smelling.  We had lunch and played in a  stream that crossed the trail.  It was so fun watching the boys be boys.  They splashed and got in the mud and stripped down.  It was the cutest thing.  Garret and Kaden were all about the water, while Beckham was more cautious.  I love these little adventures we spontaneously take all summer. I am so happy to be able to be outside all of the time again.

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