Sunday, May 20, 2012

they came to work

A few weeks ago Traci, Connor, and Nicole came up for a few days to help us in our yard. I always feel bad that whenever Traci comes to visit we just work the whole time. I hope it's still fun.  It is so nice to have extra hands and extra expertise to help out every now and then.  Connor was our sprinkler wizard, and so far, the sprinklers seem to be near perfect.  Finally.  Sprinkler systems are frustrating.  He worked so hard and did everything I needed and more.  He didn't feel well but didn't complain for one second.  I loved having him here; he is such a good kid.  I guess he's pretty much a grownup now but I can't think of him that way since when I met him he was only 10.  He has always impressed me with his goodness and desire to do what is right.  He has always acted excited to see me, has always been sweet and respectful to both Matt and I.  He is fun to be around.  I was impressed with how great he was with my boys.  He still thought Beckham was cute even after experiencing first-hand some of his crazy shrieking tantrums.  He really listened to Kaden and I loved the way he reacted and spoke to him.  He never acted irritated with Kaden's constant questions and following him around all day.  Kaden was SO excited to have someone to "work" with and play with.  Connor is truly one in a million.

Nicole was so helpful too, restaining the deck with my mom, helping in the yard and building shelves.  She is such a sweetheart, so good to my kids, and I am so grateful she came all the way from California to see us. I can't believe it's been so long since we've seen her.  
After a day of work we had a fire right in our front yard.  I guess it's not a yard, more of a slope of dirt and weeds.  We had to burn tons of cardboard and I quickly realized that maybe our pile was too close to the house.  Right as the fire started to burn the wind picked up bunch of flaming papers and shot them up over the house. I was slightly concerned the house would burn.  We added more wood and all was well.  We ate smores and enjoyed the fire. 
I'm not sure if he has ever been more dirty.  After his bath it literally looked like I had dumped a bucket of dirt in the tub.  I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with Connor, Traci, and Nicole.  I am thankful for all of their help and for the fun it was for the boys.  Maybe next time they come we can play more.

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Brooke and Mike said...

How fun to have family there and I'm glad you put them to work! Looks like it was a blast :D