Monday, June 4, 2012

it's very bitter-sweet

My little boy "graduated" from preschool.  No cap and gown, pomp and circumstance, thank goodness.  It still feels like a really big deal to a mom...especially since it's the first time.  The kids put on a little program for us. I beamed as Kaden did all of the actions with enthusiasm and sang his little heart out.  He had been looking forward with much anticipation to the end of the year program and party. He loves to show us everything he has made, learned, and done while in school.  He had the best teachers.  He got to have them 2 years in a row and has become quite attached.  Maybe they tell all of the parents this, but on numerous occasions I was told how sweet, loving, kind and funny Kaden is, "we don't try to pick favorites, but..."  I only say this because I am so excited for him to grow and learn, and to love it.  I feel happy knowing he is adjusted and thrives in school.  I just can't believe that my baby is going off to Kindergarten next year. 
Ms. Debbie and Ms. Lori.  Kaden is sad that they won't be his teachers next year.
Beckham had a great time playing on the playground during the BBQ.  He's gotten so independent and brave lately.
We went to Kindergarten registration and I felt so many mixed emotions.  I am so excited for Kaden.  He is going to absolutely love school.  The environment is the type that he thrives in and he is so excited.  He wants to go tomorrow.  I am excited for him to have a way to focus and channel all of that physical and mental energy he has. I am excited to get to spend much more one-on-one time with Beckham.  I am also so sad that Kaden will be gone all day every day.  I am sad that the last 5 years flew by at lightning speed and time will only continue to fly.  Now that he is in school, he will be in school all day every day until he moves away.  It is just crazy to think about.  Do all moms feel this way? Or am I overly sentimental and sensitive?  Maybe both.  Either way, it's definitely a bitter-sweet feeling.
Every stage is so much fun, and I know it will continue that way.  I never want to look back and wish that I had soaked up more time, or focused more on the most important things.  It's hard to always prioritize right, but when I think about how fast time seems to slip away I have more of a resolve to make each moment count as much as I can.  I am so proud of this little guy and the sweet, sensitive, happy person he is.  I feel beyond blessed to have him in my life forever.  I am grateful for the things he teaches me on a daily basis.  I love being his mom.  I hope that I always take advantage of my time with him. I hope I teach him right.  I hope that he always knows how much he is loved and how important he is. 

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Robin's Ramblings said...

I'm pretty sure he has no doubt about how much he is loved!! I'm going to miss him too, when he's not keeping me company 3 days a week. :( But he's like his mama always was--ready for the next thing and excited about it. :)