Wednesday, June 20, 2012

steamworks RR

Saturday morning, June 11, I woke up at 5:15 to go run the local half marathon.  I seriously contemplated just canning it and going back to bed. I felt so exhausted.  I decided I would be mad at myself if I did that, so I drug myself out of bed and like a zombie made my way to Durango.  I met up with some friends, boarded the bus, and we made our way to the race start.  The course is absolutely beautiful.  Probably the prettiest I have ever run.  It's hilly and the last two miles are worse than most.  I actually enjoy a course with hills; I usually do better than flat courses.  I intentionally started out fast, knowing the first two miles were downhill and that I could bank time for later.  Still not sure if that was the right move or not.
I felt like I was running so stiff and never felt like I got my breathing right.  Despite this, I still felt good and was happy with the performance. I can't really count on anything spectacular when I don't put the work in!  I really wish I could know what I am capable of if I really put in the time and effort of proper training and actually got rest.  I will probably never find out.

I was SO excited when I was nearing the finish and I saw my parents on the side of the road jumping up and down, cheering me on. I didn't think they were going to be there.  It was the biggest boost ever and I was happy, happy, happy.  They didn't know what I was going to be wearing, but recognized me from far away by the way I run.  They've been to many-a-meet and know just how their girl looks when she runs.  It just made my day.  Understatement.
Speaking of understatement, this picture just doesn't in any way accurately portray what that hill feels like.
(I am so in love with my pleated running skirt...)
 Feeling pretty good and pleasantly surprised.  7th place age group finish, 14th overall female out of 187.

splits--not so consistent, and they just kept getting slloooowwweeer...I stopped to walk through the stations at miles 6, 8, and 12. 
Mile 1:  7:09
Mile 2: 7:25
Mile 3:  7:39
Mile 4:  7:59
Mile 5:  7:51
Mile 6:  8:40
Mile 7:  7:59
Mile 8:  8:39
Mile 9:  8:10
Mile 10:  8:29
Mile 11:  8:08
Mile 12:  9:32
Mile 13: 9:01

I always feel so good after a race, despite how good or bad it was.  It is just such a cool feeling of accomplishment and I am always wanting to do another one. I have a few more things on the calendar this year.  Will I actually train? We shall see...


Tyrell said...

You blow me away.

I don't train either, but I love running the races too. Well.... I love how I feel after! Ask me during the race and it's a different story!

Anonymous said...

um, you are super buff! good job running friend!-lor

Jessica Jackson said...

Nicely done! You look great!!