Monday, May 26, 2008

25 on the 25th....Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and it was great. My mom took me shopping on Friday, to lunch, and for ice cream. She totally spoiled me rotten and we had an awesome day. It was fun to spend the day with her. John-Isaac came along and he was so much fun. Yesterday we celebrated with the family which is always my favorite way to party. I even got strawberry shortcake, once of my favorites. Kaden sure loved it too. I felt so special with all of the wonderful gifts, sweet cards, and phone calls I got from friends and family.

Little helper...he enjoyed ripping the paper and smashing the boxes, and making a big mess of everything. I think he thought it was HIS birthday.

My beautiful mom helped make my special day perfect.

My little piglet

Little fam, amid the wrapping paper mess. I am SO excited about that green tea kettle by the way.


Jodi Jean said...

happy birthday!!! looks like a great one! i love the kettle as well (i have a red one, how fun to look at on your stove every day!!)

Robin Randolph said...

You are now the age I was when I had you!!!

Thanks for always being such a wonderful daughter. How lucky am I???!!???

Tiffanie said...

Awe! Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was so magical!

fourlittleloves said...

JESSICA!!! Happy Birthday!!! Wish we had known yesterday and we could have sung to you!!! Had so much fun with you and Kaden yesterday! Can't wait to do it again..... Have a great day :o)

The Davis Fam said...

Happy Birthday Jess!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!
Your little famil is adorable!

Dan & Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Jess! We love you and miss you!!