Saturday, May 31, 2008

While Mommy is away, the little man plays....

I've just started my busy season at work, and we are so lucky to have my parents live only a mile from the spa. Kaden goes to their house and just plays his little heart out. The weather has been beautiful and he LOVES to be outside. Papa and Nana have been entertaining him to exhaustion and he has loved every minute. Here are a few (sorry so many!) pictures of the little man....SO DIRTY, GRUBBY, and HAPPY!

For some reason, seeing him in his little overalls and hat, he totally reminds me of Huck Finn.

Riding the ATV with Papa...his little face is SO dirty! When I got home and took off his pants to change his diaper, dirt went flying everywhere.

Little cruisin' bruiser....he's been helping Nana plant flowers.

Fascinated with the watering can

All Smiles


Brooke said...

Sad to say he's no longer a baby. it's a bitter/sweet thing huh? I love Kaden, he's so fun!

Tomber's Heaven said...

These pictures are so cute! I love the overalls and hat. He's grown up so much just since I saw him last!!

Gina Rochelle said...

Adoraeable! The hat and overalls are totally cute and appropriate for the occasion!

Dan & Ashley said...

Okay I seriously just want to eat him up!!!!!! It melts my heart to see pics of a little boy just playing playing playing his little heart out outside, just exploring, and gettin' all dirty and having so much fun. What a sweet little man. You are so lucky. Jess, it was so fun talking to you today on the phone. I miss you so much and just love you guys to death. We can hardly even wait to see you this summer!!! Miss you!