Saturday, May 3, 2008

Roommate Reunion!!!!!

A few weeks ago my roommates from our freshman year of college all got together for a little reunion. We try to do this as often as we can, and it is something I look forward to. We met up in Highland at Traci's house. She was so nice to let us take over while she was out of town (and I am sure she was glad to be gone!). We were all instant friends when we met and have been the best of friends ever since. I am so grateful for these girls, and their influence and positive example in my life. I had a hard time leaving home my first year at school, and having these girls there made it so much easier. We were inseparable, adventurous, silly, and fun-loving. We have kept in touch and been there for each other through many ups and downs. It is crazy to see how different our lives are now and where we have come since we first met. Our friendship never changes and still is as strong as ever. When we get together it's like not a day has passed. After this weekend, I felt like I had years worth of counseling, motivation, and laughs. I also must not forget to mention we probably had a years worth of food too. We ate and ate....and had lots and lots of ice cream. That is what a vacation is all about!

Ash, Andrea, Lace, Amber, Jill, Me. Love these girls so much!

Just demonstrating my excitement. This weekend we spent together was beyond was everything I needed and more. I haven't laughed that hard in years, and I loved every minute with my amazing friends.

Two redheads....Amber and I. She rode up with me and it was so great to have her company. We talked about anything and everything and I loved feeling like I could totally open up, and that she could too. The trip seemed to just fly by.

Lacey and Andrea. So excited for Lace...her baby girl, Natalie, is due in June!

Pampering ourselves...getting pedicures. It's only the 2nd one I have had in my life....LOVED it!

Kaden was definitely not lacking in attention. He had 6 mommies the whole weekend and got a little spoiled. He was perfect though! I still cannot believe how easy-going, mellow, and truly happy this little boy is. He is a special one indeed.

Beautiful friends....Lace, Jill, Amber.

We went to Orem to the comedy club, "Wiseguys". We went on a night they had a hypnotist. I was a little skeptical. Somehow, we managed to coerce Ashley into getting up and it was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I laughed so hard I was crying.

Workin' it!

We totally traveled back in time....yes, I am envisioning this picture 6 years ago. We used to do mud masks ALL the time! We actually gave our FHE brothers facials once. They loved it....since we were so experienced. Anyway, this was a fun thing to do and we were so ridiculous and "drunken tired". I felt bad for Kara and Craig, who had to deal with us totally taking over the house.

With Jill and Ashley.

As time goes on, I realize more and more how lucky we were to be put together that year in college. We are forever friends and have experienced so much together. I will forever cherish and be grateful for these friendships.


Kara said...

That's so awesome that the six of you are still so close and can all get together. I feel that way about most of my old roommates and I'm so glad they came into my life. What a fun weekend for you guys- I'm jealous of all that "girl" time and pampering!

Tomber's Heaven said...

Yay Jess! I already miss everyone and wish we could do that once a month! I'm way excited to see you again this weekend though!

Dan & Ashley said...

What a fun weekend! Looks like a blast! So fun to have girl time and such wonderful friends to share it with!

Jodi Jean said...

thats great, i haven't kept in touch with any friends from college. i think i need more girlfriends in my life!!!

Katie said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been a roomate that year! I was jipped!!!

Tiffanie said...

That looks like so much fun! Can I be a former roommate too?

Hope you had a nice mother's day! xoxo

Grant & Brittany said...

I am so happy that you could have some fun girly time! It looks like it was all such a blast! Hope everything is well! Give kaden a big kiss!