Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Little Pal

Baby on the go. That is what he's always been. Our schedules are sort of hectic and this poor guy spends half of his life in the car...at least that is how it seems. He is so content just to be where we are, he rarely protests. I love to look in the rear-view mirror and see him smile and wave to me, or to see him dancing in his carseat along to the music. Lately we have been especially busy. Matt is taking a few classes, we are finishing things with our construction financing, and have been spending a lot of time with friends. In all the frenzy, I am trying to make sure Kaden still gets a little bit of fun time. We stop at the park as often as we can. He loves to be outside. I am SO happy to say, this child has almost zero interest in the TV. I am so glad about that, and thrilled to be able to spend time building things, coloring, walking outside, etc. I hope he always has an imagination and is ready for adventure. I also hope that I can somehow fill my mind with creative ideas!

Kaden is my pal. He is my sidekick. Wherever I am, he is. I LOVE IT! We aren't thinking of more kids yet, but it is so hard to imagine another one. I love having my little man by my side. I am sure that when the time comes, our hearts and capacity for love will swell. But, for now, I will soak up every moment with my little pal.



What a brave boy. He loves to climb up the steps to the slide, and once he gets there he is so excited to go down, that he just leaps in head first. Half the time I haven't even made my way to the bottom to catch him before he goes shooting out. It's so fun to watch him. He is so full of delight he just giggles and giggles. When he gets excited he runs and lifts his legs up high and swings his arms all over the place. I can hardly stand it, he's so cute.

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Jodi Jean said...

hehe i'm glad you guys are pals, isn't that the best? aidan loves to slide as well, he's figured out how to get to the biggest one at the park and goes down all by himself all the time. isn't it just a crack up?