Saturday, January 10, 2009

He's a keeper.

We are loving Toby. He is absolutely perfect for our situation and our family. Kaden loves him and Toby is gentle, mellow, and so well-behaved. He is also fun and full of energy when we get outside. It was so much fun watching him race back and forth. I think he knows we "saved" him.

Matt even loves him and agreed to keep him "forever". Who knew? When we got married he said, "babe, we're not pet people"...but I secretly hoped to convince him otherwise. I am a manipulative and tricky little one aren't I?

He runs so fast for a gimpy little guy. It turns out that he broke both hips and a femur, and never got fixed so he healed on his own. Sad huh? I can't believe someone would do such a thing. He's so happy and I think he belongs with us.


Nicole Wood said...

Jess, your hair looks WAY too cute for a hike! And Toby is adorable :) He looks like he'll be a good fit for you guys. You'll have to bring him up to mom's place some time.

fourlittleloves said...

Too cute! Hey you gotta post about our crazy snow day! Or you could wait a few months and post it then... like I did with your pics! he he he :o) Hey by the way... we want to get a group of gals together and go see "Bride Wars" this Fri! Wanna come???