Saturday, January 17, 2009

These are a few...

Of my favorite things.

I am so glad that it doesn't take much to make me happy. I am content with simple things. I get excited about silly stuff, and I love to love things, and am quite sentimental. Most of these things are soft, cozy, and warm. Perfect for winter.

These are a few of my obsessions as of late...and if I were Oprah, I would throw a party and get these things (that I personally can't imagine life without) for YOU.

My "sweater boots". Am currently OBSESSED with these and wear them almost daily. My mom calls them the sweaters for my feet. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn, go with anything, and keep my feet nice and toasty (which is a hard thing to do this time of year).

Hot cider...the fresh, straight from the apple kind. Warms from the inside out.

Tobes. Cute, soft, cuddly, and even smells good.

My shoulder pack. It's organic and full of yummy-smelling essential oils. I got it from my work, and heat it up at least 3 times a day, and take it to bed with me every night. Sometimes it's on my neck, sometimes my back, feet, stomach, you name it. How did I ever survive without this thing?

SUNNY, winter days. I am okay with the snow, but I am a girl who literally NEEDS sunshine. I swear I shut down and get S.A.D. when it hides for too long. It's been beautiful for weeks and I am soaking it up.

The anti-anxiety, everything will be and is right, most excellent book. I read out of it everyday and it has literally changed me. Everyone, READ this, over and over and over again.
my "barefoot dreams" blanket. The softest thing on earth, and I am obsessed.

Sesame seed and tamari rice cakes and almonds. I eat them all day at work to my heart's content. If only I had my cider at work too...I could live off of this for a while.

Celtic Woman. UH-MAZE-ING. The most beautiful, pure, resonating voices I have heard. Their music is inspiring, uplifting, and brings peace and happiness into the soul. I am all about the get up and dance music, but I would trade all that for these ladies. I am serious, they are that good, and make me feel SO happy when I listen. I'm pretty sure they're angels.

Cute hats: Hide ugly hair, keep my head warm, and go with all sorts of things. I have been wearing these a lot.
So these are the latest and greatest winter loves. What are you especially into these days?


Robin said...

Holy cow!! We ARE the same!!! I could have written all of those things. Except instead of the sweater boots, I am obsessed with my UGGs. I love this entry, I love your sentimentality and easy to please-ness, and all the joy that is you. There was a commercial jingle when I was a kid that said"Life's simple pleasures are the best." When one makes this a daily mantra, it makes for much happiness. Love you, Kiddo!

Grant and Brittany said...

i have that same blankie wrapped around me right now!

fourlittleloves said...

So I gave you an award today, my sweet friend. Go see it :o) at my Four Little Loves blog!! You are the best!