Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Polar Express

My brother has been working on the train for the last 3 years and got us free tickets for the Polar Express. Kaden has seen the movie a few times and loves it (and so do we). So we bundled up and headed to the depot for our reservation. They have you wait outside and the music from the movie starts playing and Tom Hanks voice comes on the loudspeaker, "All Aboard! Tickets please, tickets!" The train comes around the corner in the dark, blowing steam everywhere; it really is magical.

Waiting for the choo-choo to come.

He was so excited, probably the most excited I have ever seen him.

Getting ready to board.
After we were on for a while, Santa came around and gave everyone a bell. Kaden waved his around the entire ride saying, "A bell, A bell." It was a really nice bell too.

The little man refused to sit down and looked out the window the entire ride. They played Christmas carols all the way to the "North Pole" and Kaden danced on his seat the whole time.

The the chefs came and passed out cookies and hot chocolate. The story played over the loudspeaker and we got to look at the book and listen to the narration.

It was all very magical, even for the parents. I loved going because it was a fun thing to do together as a family, but there was something so special about seeing the joy and excitement of a two-year-old. His happiness made Matt and I so glad we were able to go and to witness our little guy enthralled in the magic.

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Kara said...

Oh, I'm so glad you guys got to go too! What a fun little ride huh? And how nice that you got hooked up with FREE tickets!! Too bad we couldn't have timed it and gone the same night. I bet Kaden and Nathan would have had fun together, being crazy.