Saturday, June 20, 2009

Matt's Day

I decided at the one-year anniversary of our accident that I would try to make it a good day, a day to celebrate miracles and my man. Today marks 4 years. Wow, so much has happened in four years. It is hard to believe what we've been through, the ups and downs, the things we've seen and experienced, and what we've gained from all of it. My heart seems to get heavy in June and it must be on a subconscious level. It's been a bit tough lately, but I can still find so much good in our lives.

So, today we celebrated Matt. It was his day. I have been looking forward to our time all week and spent the day excited. I played with Kaden while Matt was at work, and my parents gladly took him for the night. I picked Matt up this evening and we headed downtown for a nice dinner. It was such a relaxing time and so much fun to be together, just us.
Downtown Durango has such a fun feel to it. It was really fun to walk around and window-shop a little. It was fun to hold hands, laugh, and enjoy a summer evening.

Of course we had to go grab some ice cream before our movie. The movie was hilarious, the dinner delicious, but most of all, the company was the best part. I reminisced all day about Matt and I, our memories, the path we've been traveling, and where our future might be heading. I am still humbled by our circumstances and still stand in awe at the miracles we've witnessed. Matt is my miracle man, and today I celebrate him and his life.


Brooke said...

Beautiful sentiments, Jessica. Thanks for sharing!

Sandi said...

Wow, 4 years. Every time I see Matt he seems to be doing better! So Much to be thankful for!

Katrina said...

Hey friend! I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are and you truly inspire me to be a better person and a better wife. THANK YOU!