Wednesday, June 24, 2009

He's a good daddy

Father's day was good. We had wonderful church meetings (I had to speak...I swear those people are going to get very sick of me soon...). Not that my speaking made the meetings good...but I digress. We came home and took the usual Sunday nap. What is Sunday without a nap? We enjoyed a delicious meal of Salmon over pesto linguine, roasted potatoes, and asparagus. I loved eating outside with the boys. I made Matt a Father's Day cake, which we practically inhaled, with our favorite ice cream. It was a fabulous relaxing day.

Matt's a good daddy. No one is perfect, but he is pretty darn close in the daddy department. He is so patient and loving toward Kaden. He tries his best and the boy loves him so much. Their love for each other is so pure and innocent. They are friends. Kaden respects his daddy, and mimics him. I love to watch the two interact. Matt's a good daddy.

After dinner Kaden wandered down by the deck and played in the dirt. He was so happy down there burrying his blanky. That thing goes everywhere...through the weeds, down the street, to the dinner table, and everywhere else. I wash it multiple times a week, but you would never know it. Kaden is such a smiley boy. He is happy through-and-through. He has that kind, innocent love about him that his daddy has. I am so happy with that. Matt's a good daddy.

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