Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Absolutely Perfect.

I caught a few good pictures the other night. Baby boy was so awake and happy.

Beckham is a snacker. He doesn't eat much at one time, despite my efforts, so we find ourselves awake a lot in the night. He hardly cries, but wants to be held and cuddled. He will be fast asleep, then I lay him down and he wakes up and lets me know he wants to be held. I can't complain about that...although it does make getting things done and entertaining Kaden a little trickier.

I am loving staying home with the boys. I wish I could stay home indefinitely. We have had such a good time these last few weeks.

Beckham likes to suck his bottom lip in and I think it's adorable. To me, everything about this baby is adorable.


Kara said...

Great pictures Jess! He is one adorable little boy! What a handsome little man he is! I would love to snuggle on him too! Mine is so big already- six months old already. Enjoy that snuggly phase, cause I'm sure you know it doesn't last forever!

Nicole Wood said...


Rebecca, Lance, and Acadia-Rose said...

He is absolutely precious. Acadia-Rose was/is a snuggler too. I got a Maya Ring sling when she was about 6 weeks old, and it was the best thing I got. I snuggle with her and get things done around the house all at once. :)

Robin said...

I'm thinking that hair is looking a bit red in these pictures!!! :)

He is so wonderful!!!!

Lisa and Rustin said...

He is SO handsome!!!