Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mysterious missing nap...

Oh please don't tell me the napping days are coming to an end. They can't be! The last few days, I have put the munchkin down in ordinary fashion: Snack, lots of stories (which by the way, how many times must I read about the runaway hot air balloon and the Grinch?), hugs, kisses, prayers, and "I stay in my bed Mama, I wov you!".
He's a good boy, and he does stay in his bed, for the most part. He puts his legs on the wall and kicks it over and over. He gets out every book he owns and "reads" them, scattering them all over his bed. His blankets end up in a giant pile.
I go in over and over reminding him to sleep. He smiles his big, squinty grin, "okay mama!" He is too cute to get upset with! After a few hours, I relinquish my stand on the nap and let him escape his room.
Today he said, "Good morning mama! I had such a good sleep!" YEAH, RIGHT! I am hoping this little glitch in napping resumes the normal 2-hour period of silence (and maybe a little resting for me!) soon.


Gina Rochelle said...

My oldest gave up her naps when her little brother came along but that was mostly my fault for not having her trained well before. Sounds like you have a good system though. The rest is good even without the sleeping. Good luck!

Scott and Cindy said...

Landon has been doing that some days - at least they're still willing to have some quiet time!! I totally forgot that you guys are living in Colorado too - where are you at?? We're right outside of Denver (north side). If we're close, we should totally get together!