Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Baby Beckham was blessed on September 27th by his daddy. It was such a neat experience. Matt isn't very long-winded when it comes to these things, but what he says is so special. I have had so many people come up and tell me what a warm feeling they had, what a special spirit was in the room that day. I know our Father in Heaven heard much more than the words Matt spoke. I am so overcome with emotion and feelings I can't describe every time our family, Matt especially, gets to experience things like this. We were so close to never having any of it.

Getting this picture proved to be a challenge. Kaden was being ornery, I'll admit I was totally grumpy, Beckham was hungry, etc. We didn't get any pictures of the 4 of us (in fact, we still don't have a picture of all four of us together), and I didn't get any of Beckham. So, 2 weeks later, we got a few. He gets cuter every day anyway, and the outfit fit him a whole lot better.

What a little sweetheart. I am in love with this beautiful blanket Traci got for him.

I am so happy to have this baby in our family. I love the feeling a new little life brings to a home. Our house is chaotic at times and some days we are sleep-deprived, but what joy it is having our little ones.

Oh, I love baby feet. They are just so perfect.

I love this little angel.


Tara said...

We have so much in common : ) When I read your posts I just say yeah me too to everything : ) little feet, chaos, sleep deprivation - check, check...I'm glad you're all doing well!

grant + brittany said...

I am so overwhelmed by your niceness on my "blogging" post. I feel all the same ways about you and I also really really wish we lived closer to each other. When is the next time I see you? I really want to meet Beckham. He is so cute in his little blessing outfit. I hope my babies have that much hair! Anyway Stephanie is so great. I feel like I can feel her spirit through the computer or something. ha. Hope to see you soon!

Wendy said...

It was a beautiful blessing, congrats to you guys!

Nicole said...

i'm chocked up reading this. how far your little family has come... i feel honored to know you and matt.

Rencher Fam said...

What a cute little guy-he has so much hair!! I'm glad that the blessing day was so nice.