Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the little things

I had to write this down so I never forget it. Moments like these make life so happy. I have found that in this adventure of life, it's the little things that matter. Monday we spontaneously decided to go on a little family date. I told Kaden we were going to see the BIG movie, and showed him the preview online- How to Train Your Dragon. I think we watched the preview about 10 times and each time he got more excited. I told him we would go after his nap. He kept running into his room, staying in there about a minute, then coming out, "I am all done sweeping now mom. I ready to go see dragon train!"

I kept telling him that there wouldn't actually be a choo-choo in the movie, but it was about teaching a dragon. His three-year-old brain couldn't wrap around that concept. I told him about the movie being 3d, like a pop-up book! He would get to wear glasses, and if he kept them on, he could see better. My brother brought over his extra pair of glasses and Kaden wore them all afternoon. He ran and bounced around, squealing with delight, saying over and over, "I so excited mom! I so excited! YAAAAYYY!"

He didn't end up taking a nap, but fell asleep in the car. When we woke him up at the theater his eyes lit up, a smile crossed his face, and he got excited all over again. I don't think I have seen him that cute or happy since we rode the Polar Express. I let him carry our tickets and Matt carried him. He waved the tickets in the air, "I got the tickets! I got 'em!"

When we got into the theater he got all cozy in his little booster seat, his feet barely reaching the end. He wiggled his legs and feet and just kept looking over at me with the biggest grin. He talked through the previews and it made my heart so happy. I busted out the smuggled root beer and skittles and gave him his share.

Kaden watched the whole movie, commentated, and smiled the entire time. He said the funniest things. A few times he got scared and hid his face, then assured me (to reassure himself), "don't be scared mama, that dragon is nice". The whole time we were there I just thought over and over about how happy I was to see him so excited. Beckham was an angel and Matt was in the best mood too and I couldn't help but beam and think about what a perfect day it was.

After the movie we went to dinner and got ice cream. Kaden said please and thank you and talked on and on about the movie. We had the best time and everything went perfectly. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, there is nothing better. The little things are what matter. Seeing a little boy's whole world light up when you surprise him, having a happy husband and content baby, enjoying a beautiful day together as a family, every care and and stress completely disappearing for a while. That is what life is about; that is what family is about.

I had to include all of these pictures because those ginormous glasses are just too darn cute. Kaden is so awesome.


Brooke said...

What a beautiful memory to have made. Thanks for sharing. Family time is the best thing in the world.

wurstens5 said...

So fun! My mom is going to take the kids to see that on friday. We were wondering if they would handle the 3 D

Robin Randolph said...

He's his mama's boy, with his enthusiasm and excitement. It's a simple thing to the grown-ups, but such a huge thing for the little ones. The story makes me so so so happy!!!

gin said...

this warms my heart and makes me look forward to the good times I will have with my own boy. thanks for being such a great example to me jess. you rock.

Traci Barnes said...

That was cute. We took the boys and Luke to see the same movie last weekend and I think Luke was just as excited as Kaden for the movie. However we had to go to the regular one instead of 3D because of the timing. Should we go see it again in 3D? Happy to hear about your perfect day!!

craigo said...

That is the cutest story ever! i loved that movie but probably not as much as Kaden hehe. -Kara

Tyrell said...

What a cute boy you have! Last night Jake asked me if we could see the Dragon movie and I couldn't stop laughing becuase he will act just like Kaden the entire time. He gets so excited for "big" movies!