Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the terrible, wonderful threes

Kaden says the cutest things. He says the funniest things. He says the strangest things. I wish that I could remember and record all of it. He's got me laughing, smiling, thinking, and going crazy all day long.
Last week I told him we were taking Beckham to the doctor (same building as the hospital); the conversation went something like this:
me: kaden will you promise to be a good boy when we take beckham to the doctor?
k: no mama, i don't want to take him back to the dr. he's my baby. he's my beckham.
me: well, he is very sick so we need to take him.
k: no mama, i want to keep beckham. he's my baby.
me: no buddy, we are just going to take him so he can get better, but we'll bring him home.
k: promise mama?
me: promise.
k: okay mom. i will be good boy. can i have a sucker?
He actually thought we were going to give him back, return him.
The other night at bedtime Kaden said his prayers and when he was done I asked him if he knew who Jesus was.
k: yeah mom, he is so special. he loves kaden. he loves kaden SO much.
Today I said something he didn't like. I tend to do that. He looked at me very seriously and said:
mama, you have 2 choices. what are you gonna choose? what's your choice, mom?
he never gave me my options though.

Two was a piece of cake. This age of 3 has really given me a run for my money, but it's also been so stinkin' fun. Sometimes I catch myself sinking down to 3-year-old level and arguing with him. He really knows how to push my buttons. He also really knows how to make me so happy. I am going to keep him around for a while.


Staci said...

i totally understand! Carli turns three next month and all of the sudden she has this sassy, smarty pants attitude that drives me nuts, but then the next second she'll come up and give me the sweetest hugs and kisses and says she loves me. Three is going to be WAY harder than two!!!

Robin Bond said...

He's SO cute!