Tuesday, March 2, 2010

poor baby boy

It's been sort of a rough month around here. I got some respiratory thing and am just barely starting to get over it. Kaden and Beckham have been coughing and have had runny noses, but seem to feel alright for the most part. Matt, of course, being the iron man that he is, goes through it all unscathed. I don't know what it is about him.
Beckham was sounding wheezy and congested for too long, so about a week and a half ago I took him in just to be safe. I hate going to the doctor because they always seem to say, "just rest and get plenty of fluids..." and send me home with a much emptier wallet. Last week Beckham was given a pretty good bill of health and we were sent away.
Well, fast forward one week and Kaden starts coughing the most insane sounding cough I have ever heard. He spiked a fever and laid around the whole weekend and wouldn't eat a thing. I know he really must be sick when he lays around. It was sort of a nightmarish weekend because Beckham started getting sick and neither boy slept well at all. I felt like I was up all night, every night. Kaden got super whiny and clingy, but I can't really blame him. He appears to be on the mend now.

Beckham seemed to just be getting worse and last night was plain awful. He fussed and cried, and struggled. He was taking about 50-60 breaths a minute, was retracting, and sounded horrible. He hardly slept a wink, had a fever, and refused to eat. We ended up on the couch because he seemed so much happier sitting upright.
I took him in this morning, and after 2 1/2 hours, a test, x-rays, lots of crying, and a very sad mom, we were sent away with a positive for RSV and pneumonia. I hate it. I feel so awful and can't stand that I can do absolutely nothing to make him feel better. I have only seen a few smiles today which is so unlike him. He's hardly eaten at all, and just looks so miserable. We've been camped on the couch all evening. I'm content to hold him as long as he needs me to. We go in again tomorrow for a followup. I hope he gets better soon, this is nearly killing me.


Brooke said...

OH, NO!! I am soooo sorry for you! RSV can be scary with little guys. Good luck, I will keep you in our prayers!

Team Avarell said...

Oh, I am sooo sorry!! It is so awful when sweet little babies get sick! I hope you all feel better soon.

grant + brittany said...

oh this just breaks my heart jessica, i can't imagine how you are feeling. i will have you in my prayers tonight for sure and i mean that. i've said it a thousand times and i'll say it again- you are such a good mom. good luck and i hope he gets better soon.

p.s. thankyou for all your sweet comments- they mean a lot to me because i always know you are so sincere. help you get some sleep tonight.

Robin said...

My heart is breaking too! I'm sorry we're not there but will head out of here early tomorrow and get there to help you out however we can. We love you and will see you tomorrow. mom

ChloƩ said...

Hey Jessica! i am so glad you stopped by my blog! i don't think that it is creepy at all! i LOVE brittany and am so glad we are friends :) so a friend/relative of hers is a friend of mine!

i am so sorry your babies are sick! that is no fun at all. i can't even imagine how scary that would be with RSV and all that stuff.. but you seem like a great mother and i think your kids are very blessed and lucky! i hope he gets feeling better soon!

and can i just say that you are absolutely gorgeous? seriously.. your coloring and face are beautiful.. you have some pretty adorable kids too :)

i hope you don't mind if i follow your blog now! haha, when you said you sit in bed eating candy and chips while cheering on the biggest loser? i knew we could be friends! my favorite part was when you said you would at least be eligible for it someday.. haha, maybe we could go on it together. yeah..probably a long shot..but if we failed at that goal? it would kind of be not too bad of a failure..i like goals like that ;)

i will keep you and your family in my prayers!


Traci Barnes said...

I am so sad for the boys! What do they do for RSV? I know Rick Hatch had it when he was a baby and they put him in the hospital for a few days. I hope everyone can get some sleep - especially the mommy! I wish I was closer...

Love you all,