Thursday, October 21, 2010

just because he is so dang cute

He's 14 months old!

The little munchkin got his first real haircut the other day. I had trimmed it before, but this time I cut a good two inches off. He looks so handsome. It took me a few days to get used to it. The morning after I cut it when I got him out of his bed I was a little sad. He had the best bedhead I have ever seen. His hair was totally out of control in the mornings and we are always running late so morning baths just don't work out around here. I love the shorter hair, but am still missing the stuff I cut off. Man, he is just too adorable.

I love that little profile and the shadow on the wall. This little guy is so fun. He has quite the personality. I can't believe how feisty he can be. He has discovered his voice and the many noises he can create with his mouth. He says words, blows bubbles constantly, clicks his tongue and lips, and comes up with new sounds daily. He is constantly talking and making noise, or yelling and fussing over something. I love him to pieces.

I am so excited. He is traveling around the room and making his own messes. He is getting into stuff, dumping toy bins, and is all over the place. I love it. I can't believe how far he's come in the last month. Yesterday he was on his knees digging through a toy box. It was such a big deal and I was so impressed. Sometimes he gets frustrated and I think it's because he wants to move around and his mind is just so far ahead of his body. He is getting much stronger and braver by the day. He is trying to scoot and even army crawling a little here and there. I am proud of him and I think he is so happy discovering the things he can do.

He is a love bug! He kisses and hugs on everything. He says "hi" in the sweetest high pitched voice whenever he sees Toby. He gives me slobbery kisses and attacks me with his hugs all day long. Being a mom is more joyful than I could have imagined. Even though I go to bed sometimes feeling like I have totally failed for the day, my kids give unconditional love and somehow make me feel like a million bucks.


wurstens5 said...

He is so cute. I love the cut!

Jess and Matt said...

I knew you would Jamie! haha.

Brooke said...

He really is a little doll! How did you get the cut so perfect? Aram is so difficult when I cut his hair.