Monday, October 4, 2010

pot-bellied gumby

I am such a sucker for a chubby baby in tight pajamas. I could just eat him up. And his expressions? His little face is moving all over the place. He has the most expressive eyes and mouth and is constantly figuring out ways to make new faces and sounds. He is a jabber-box and I love it. Every day I tell him he can't get any cuter and I swear every day he does just that. He gets cuter and even more lovable every second as his little personality develops.

This little guys cracks himself up. He makes the funniest sounds and his latest antic is the most adorable fake laugh. He just laughs and laughs because he knows it will get our attention and man it's the funniest thing. I think he just loves to hear himself because he is making noise every second he isn't sleeping. He is talking up a storm. He says several new words every day and tries to repeat the things I say. His favorite word right now is wow. "wOOOOWwww." I actually caught it on camera the other day but can't find the stinkin' usb so I can put it on the computer. His voice is so funny and his face is awesome. It reminds me of the green aliens on Toy Story. Kills me.

Beckham is Gumby. That little kid is so flexible I can't believe it. He just folds himself right in half. When he is mad that I put him down he will just fold and bury his face in the floor and cry. He just gives up. The other day he was bending in half like this, sucking on his toe.

He always crosses his feet when he's sitting. He also always has his toes curled up. I am still such a sucker for baby feet. Every millimeter of this boy is so adorable and perfect I can hardly stand it.


Tyrell said...

He is so cute. And his hair is so cute. And those jammies are so cute! And the way he crosses his feet is SO CUTE!

Kim said...

So you don't know me, but I am Alesha Russos friend...been her friend since high school and I found you from her blog and I have loved your blog. You have such a great up-beat personality and and happiness for life!
Reading what you have been writing lately about your little man, Gumby and floppy and how his toes curl...I keep thinking of my 4 year old. She still wasn't sitting at a year...she just couldn't, she didn't have he strength. Anyway, what I am trying to get at, I am just curios if anyone has ever talked about Cereral Palsy??? That is what my daughter was eventually diagnosed with. A diagonis doesn't change what you can do about it, but it helps with all the questions and just knowing. He has such a sweetness to his little face and kids like that...oh man, they just wiggle right into your heart. Not that the other kids don't, but my little Elsie has a glow about her...and a drive that pushes her to try her hardest at things that are so easy for my other kids to do. Anyway...hope it is okay for me to write you. Again, I love your blog. You have a beautiful family.