Sunday, October 10, 2010

seriously yummy

This little family has accidentally made a Saturday tradition of going to Serious Texas BBQ nearly every week. We pick Matt up from work, head straight over for some deliciousness, then top it off with soft serve cones from Sonic. We're easy to please. Serious Texas has the coolest ambiance and we've loved our summer evenings there out on the back porch overlooking the river. There are hanging lights, tons of trees, and it's just beautiful. They have live music too and it's always great. The food is dripping in grease and so, so good. The kids love it too. We didn't go last week and Kaden asked about it for days. We didn't mean to start this up but it's been such a fun thing to do together as a family. The other day I had the camera along and decided to document this little outing. I think this might be one of those things the kids look back on and remember. I know I will. I had to take a lot of pictures of Beckham because he was being such a ham and I just can't get over how cute he looks when he chews.

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Robin Randolph said...

They will remember this and it WILL be a good memory!!! I'm sorry the best I did for you kids was Dairy Queen when we all split a "full meal deal." Cheap cheap. But it was fun and always something to look forward to!! The fun stuff you do with your little guys will not be lost on them, I assure you.