Saturday, October 23, 2010

my little pumpkins

Today I spent the entire day on a special date with my two little men. Cutest dates I have ever had. We missed Daddy since he was working, but I loved every minute with these two. They've been clingy and whiny since I got back from my trip and I don't blame them one bit. I think it was good to just spend every single second of today with them. I spoiled them rotten and had so much fun doing it.

Kaden has been wanting to go to the pumpkin patch for weeks. I decided to surprise him today and he lit up when he found out where we were. I think seeing excitement on that little kid's face is one of the very best parts of my life. It makes any hassle to go places and do things totally worth it. I was worried about the weather because it's been rainy and cold the last few days, but today was great--crisp and fall-like.
Side-by-side last year and this year. The little man is sprouting like a weed.
The boys got to play in the corn pit, go down the slides, Kaden got his face painted, and we picked out yummy treats from the market. They had a fun little train ride and Kaden was beyond excited about that. Beckham loved it too and cried when we got out. I hardly fit in the little barrels and it about broke my back as we hit every bump. I couldn't help but laugh--it was worth it.

After the pumpkin patch we went to lunch at Kaden's favorite place and then shopping for stuff for our Halloween costumes. Kaden is SO excited about this. I hope I can pull it off.
I took these in Durango today. Wow. Fall is so beautiful.

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